1 full week done. just a few observations!

chester farmer

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Wow did not find this site until after I was hired. Not a whole lot of bright hope for ups according to a lot of you guys. I am self employed and run a decent size crew of guys doing construction work. I have been a supervisor and trouble shooter for some bigger companies and enjoyed that.since I have been selfemployed I have been paying huge medical bills and ppo rates so I took the ups job for the benefits and have continued construction. I am a hard worked and like nothing more then working my tail off. In the first week some things were abundantly clear.
1. using load stands at all times does not apply to everyone as there is not enough to go around.
2. using a load restraint on every load isnt happening because our belt has none.
3. being the only one over age 20 on your belt sucks.
4. There is no respect between anyone. The part time sup whispers and you have to ask her to repeat herself. The full time sup screams and spits all over himself and you have to ask him to repeat himself.
5. We have the worst rated hub in the country. The sups dont buy into the "if you keep on doing things the same as you have always done you will keep having the results you have always had. They think screaming will change things.
6. This isnt rocket scientistry. Frankly it seems like an easy fix. But no one wants to do it.
So I will continue doing my best and working as hard as possible not for anyone elses sake but my own because that is me and what I do. I have zero ambition to become a driver. That would be a paycut I could not afford. Is there actually hope. I have pretty good numbrers for the first week and that is with a broken roller that causes a person to have to manually progress packages. every 4 or 5 packages you have to go to belt and push. uugggg !!! been that way forever I am told. wish me luck .


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Just do your best to please management until you reach your seniority date; in the safest way. Then after keep a steady pace. Dont slow down or speed up for them. Remember if you do 250 they say you need to do 270. You do 270 and they want you to do 300... etc

Find a comfortable number pace and stay there.