$1/h raise? And benefits question

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    When do I get the $1/hour raise for the '90 days'...is it 90 days from your first day of employment? Or 90 days after you make seniority? If it is the seniority case, does that mean 90 days after your first month of employment, or 90 days after you have paid the $500 Union fee?

    Also had a question regarding benefits, I have been at UPS for a little over 3 months and only have about 4 more weeks to go before my $500 Union fee or w/e is covered. After all that is said and done, how much will be taken out of my check each week for the benefits?

    Thanks in advance.
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    0.00 taken for bennies... but I believe you have to be at UPS for 1 yr before they kick in... you have to make seniorty list before any raise kicks in & you will be on a progression rate of $$ incraments. So on Aug 1st there will be no raise for you,but the $1.oo should kick in after you have made the list...hope this helps,maybe others can shed more light to you.. I also would like towelcome you to the Brown Cafe lots of fun people here with lots of info & yrs of experience.. also hope you got thick skin here cuz we bash the ship out of anyone lol lol lol
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    i never got a dollar raise but this is how it happened with me when i first started. i got a .50cent raise after 3 months and than a .85cent rasie on aug 1st. after that, it now only increases every 6months
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    the benefits came in 3 months later btw and started using them right away lol. went to the denist and got my first check up in years all on my own lol
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    I think he might be Canadian actually.
    We start out at $15.00
    We get $1.00 raise, but after 6 months (nothing before that) to $16.00 hr
    Then another dollar raise after 18 months, to $17.00/hr
    medication and dental bennies after 1 yr.
    after 24 months, another $2.00 raise (to $19.00 hr).
    And finally after 30 mths, full pay $26 something.

    As for initial union dues, no they don't take the whole $500 out of 1 check.. not sure anymore... but it's like an extra $50 per month or bi weekly, weekly, until paid up.
    I could be wrong about that though, because I was with Teamsters before UPS, and had to pay much less (if anything).
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    Final answer:

    After 90 CALENDER DAYS from your START DATE (not 90 working days) do you get a $1 raise. This is if you were hired AFTER August 1st 2008.

    Your benefits kick in after (1) year of employment. You only pay union dues as a deduction, not for H/W.
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    in my local your benefits kick in after you reach 500 hours any questions talk to your stewards or ba
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    Actually it is 90 WORKING DAYS and after you get 30 days in and get your seniority then your seniority date reverts back to your first day.
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    500$ Union fee? What's he talking about? Is this like a down payment or something in his state? Never heard of this...
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    Yeah, I believe thats the majic number here up north.
    It's crazy. Thats iniation fee.
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    Geez, wrong. I quoted the national contract too! Go read it, you can learn something:sick:

  12. UnsurePost

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    it might vary regionally
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    i understand that , that is why i said in my local. i feel that it should be the same for all teamsters.
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    Article 34 sec 2 (b)

    New hires after August 1st 2008, 1 year for benes, 18 mo for family. It has changed. You need to study up brother! Show me where it says your local is different?
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    i made sure i talked to my ba and the people in charge of the benefits before i put up my post. as soon as you hit 500 hours yor health benes kick in.
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    This is true but this is for those employees who have already been receiving benefits. The question here is how long do you have to be an employee before you begin receiving benefits and I believe that it is 12 months for the employee and 18 for the the family. The 500 hours must be met in subsequent years.
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    Upstate's right, but around here last year they were doing a new hire incentive and gave new hires bene's after 500 hours I believe or it was 60 days can't remember. But they have done incentives in the past around here.
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    Are/were they having a problem with retention?
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    Like he said!