$100,000 Club Balloons to 225

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    $100,000 Club Balloons to 225
    This years $100,000 Club (click here to view it), which TDU has published annually for over 20 years, shows a lot about the priorities of our union leadership.

    The chart lists all officials, elected or appointed, regardless of viewpoint or history, who are paid over $100,000.

    This year the Club ballooned to 225 officials, who took in $32.6 million last year.
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    Can anyone suggest a site that is directed towards UPS stock discussion???
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    What does it show? There are teamster locals where 100,000 would be starting pay. Ask some of your car carriers how much they make.
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    What does it show?

    It shows more union officials are making more money,not a bad thing in and of itself, but I do know having union leader's wages going up faster than the worker's wages that they represent is a bad sign.

    Now having company officials defending them is reeeeeeally a bad sign. [​IMG]
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    I didn't realize there was a law againt attacking the asinine comments of some rabid TDU dog. My bad.
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    No there isn't a law against it although I bet both the current union hierarchy and definately UPS would support the legistlation. I am not a TDU member, but if management is against them they can't be all bad. [​IMG]