100 year birthday party

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  1. retired2000

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    i got a postcard in the mail yesterday. i am to call the number on the card. it is to go to the 100th anniversary party for ups. i have heard some bad reports about the party. does anyone know if they are getting better as they go along or are they all the same.
  2. steelheader69

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    I'm not sure how they are doing. I've heard the stories of them being bad. But, it only happens once. I'm planning on heading up to ours tomorrow. I know my kids are always pscyched to go (because Daddy works there). So going more for them. They always enjoy them, and love seeing the package cars. Will give reports tomorrow.
  3. steelheader69

    steelheader69 The Fishing UPS Guy

    I went yesterday. It was actually a pretty nice event in Washington. Food was good (they had it catered by a local BBQ place). Lots of food, and some history. Was it totally extravagant? No. But it got to the point. My kids loved it, had a great time. They had a blast loading the package car. May scan the pics they took (we got pics in front of Dale Jarretts car and an old Ford package car). We had a good time, and I also got to see some old friends who have retired. Didn't take long to do it, maybe an hour, but I had a good time.
  4. retired2000

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    glad to hear you had a nice time at the party. will let you know how ours went hee in syr.
  5. retired2000

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    guess i have to get the "r" key looked at.
  6. raceanoncr

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    Sorry, but this is gonna be a pretty negative post. So turn away if it offends.

    In my opinion, locally, this management has literally tried to take away just about every thing legal and some things illegal. We have had to fight tooth and nail over some of the smallest items and have won almost everything, time and time again. We have lost jobs, due to low volume. We blame low volume entirely on ties, in whatever capacity they may be in. In feeders, this past yr alone, we have lost nearly 20 runs but we still have the same amount of supes and are getting more.

    Locally, we have got the newest and most moronic ties I have ever seen in ANY department.

    I've been here almost 30 yrs and have seen almost all the operation inside and out, locally, that is.

    For me, I don't want any more contact than I have to with this company.

    No, I ain't bitchin, it's just that I've had enough and just want to put my remaining days in without rubbing elbows with anymore wannbes.

    Ain't got family that wants to see this. Current wife wants to go down sometimes and do some punching after I get home. So ain't nuttin in it for me. And again, that's just how I feel and anybody else is welcome to enjoy as you see fit. I won't criticize.
  7. 705red

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    Let the wife go and bust some skulls! You cant get fired for that! My money will be on any upsers wife in a fist fight with any managers! Imagine the hostility she would use against him, all the sports game missed, graduations, birthdays, 1st steps, 1st words, broken promises to the kids because management wouldnt do the right thing! I say send her for all of the married upsers spouses, we will pick up the bail and lawyer fees!
  8. raceanoncr

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    Boy, howdy! :w00t:
  9. ups_vette

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    red...I don't know if you're aware of it, but there are thousands of jobs out there when you would work from 7 am to 3 pm and when that 3 pm whistle blows you're free to see all the graduations, ball games, 1st steps and 1st words you want. Of course you woun't be making the $1,000 a week, or more, you currently make at UPS. There is a tradeoff. What you're actually sayin is money means more to you that spending time with your family. It must mean more or you would leave that evil UPS and get one of those 8 hour factory jobs, and take a $500 a week paycut. I'm not sure your family would like that, but hey, they would get used to a lower standard of living.
  10. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Vette no thats not what im saying! Your looking at it from a managers point of view when you just leave to go to the things i just described. As a driver who knows his job and knows i cant punch out until im finished im aware that i wont be home everyday by 5pm. What im saying is as a driver we have contractual language for excessive overtime(9.5) and relief of overtime( 8 hour request), now as a manager do you think we request these for no good reasons? As a manager it is your responsibility to honor this language, but what happens. You know we have to get done so you will dump more work on us knowing we will get it done in order to meet our family obligations. Sometimes we do but often enough we cant get it done, so this is where the spouse gets :censored2: off. Its got nothing to do with working a 9 to 5 job its got to do with you doing your job! If your not sure whats in the contract i suggest you get with your labor manager and request a copy of the contract that someone smarter than you from the company bargained in good faith over and agreed to honor!
  11. diesel96

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    After their done with the mgrs,they can go after all the EX-Wives for not standing by their UPS spouses for missing,graduations,little league,B'Days,babysitting,broken promises,etc...(being a good provider and phyiscal sacrificies was'nt good enough I guess).

    In the last 100yrs,I wonder how many broken familys(divorces) have occurred because UPSERS were"never around"to participate and achieve the American dream together with the ones you love.

    Any way you'all enjoy the 100yr parties,ours was an long drive so we didn't go.Too bad they did'nt budget some $$ to have something locally at our own center.
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  12. moreluck

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    "In the last 100yrs,I wonder how many broken familys(divorces) have occurred because UPSERS were"never around"to participate and achieve the American dream together with the ones you love."

    Diesel....it's no bigger a number than police officers families or some other professions.
  13. brownman15

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    very well put i could not agree more i put a 8 hr request in for me daughters graduation on friday did not get it worked 10hrs and had to go to her graduation in my browns got there just as it was starting
  14. trickpony1

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    ....but weren't you proud to be a walking advertisement for the company? (complete with the stench of body odor):lol:
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  15. diesel96

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    My Ex worked for the Police,they have very flexible schedules believe or not,City and State Minincipalities work pretty good with accomidating their employees.They even have the option to sign up for overtime and details.Only during Emergencies and arrests are they forced to work O/T.
    Keyword is "never around"/and "how many"-I'm not comparing it to other professions,but reasoning it as to WHY it happens fequently with UPSERS(Hourly and Salary).
  16. DS

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    Today we went to the bash in Toronto.It wasn`t quite as lame as I expected.Lots of good food,fresh bbq chicken,burgers,hot dogs,
    fried taters and salads.Its definately aimed at keeping the kids busy with
    games, face painting ups logo tattoos free ice cream treats and popcorn.They were all having a blast climbing in all the pkg cars
    and honking the horns.I introduced my wife to my sup,and met his
    wife and the new baby.Had to laugh at the perfectly stacked boxline
    with all the pks facing out,and you could all but smell the new paint
    on pretty much everything.All in all it was nice,my wife has a much
    better idea now how the boxline works and my sup told my wife
    that if he had 30 drivers like me,he they wouldn`t need him.
    There was about 1000 people there from what I could tell.
    Glad I went.