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    A few months ago we had a pcm about wanting us upsers to come up with an original creation,to commemorate the milestone.Well I guess we upsers weren`t up to the task so they commissioned a French Canadian to do the job.You`ve all seen the green poster he did that came with the pin.
    Yannick Picard painter from Qu�bec (Canada) - muralist artist and illustrator
    His name is Yannick Picard
    His art is reminiscent of the valiant comics a few years back.
    Jim Shooter I believe was the mastermind of that.
    Who knows,maybe he did preload for a day and quit for all I know...point is ,us drivers are way too busy and tired to come up with anything, never mind sales leads...
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    What is this green poster and pin of which you speak?
  3. News flash:

    Almost noone cares about the 100 year anniversary.
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    Well IMO it should be a big deal...there`s only a few companies that have withstood the adversity of public acceptance and trust for 100 years and they should take advantage
    of it .
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    It's a huge deal. For kicks, here's some things that were also going on in 1907 when those first bicycles were carrying packages.

    January 1 President Theodore Roosevelt shakes a record 8,513 hands in 1 day

    January 4 George Bernard Shaw's "Don Juan in Hell," premieres in London

    January 12 Britain grants responsible government to former colony of Transvaal

    January 15 3-element vacuum tube patented by Dr. Lee De Forest

    January 15 Gold dental inlays 1st described by Wm Taggart, who invented them

    January 23 Charles Curtis of Kansas becomes 1st Native American U.S. senator

    January 25 Julia Ward Howe is 1st woman elected to National Inst of Arts and Letters

    January 26 1st federal corrupt election practices law passed

    January 26 J M Synge's "Playboy of Western World" opens; police are called

    February 11 De Master's Dutch government resigns

    February 11 Passenger ship Larchmont sinks by Block Island, 322 die

    February 13 English suffragettes storm British Parliament and 60 women are arrested

    February 14 1st U.S. fox hound association forms in New York City

    February 21 SS Berlin sinks off Hoek van Holland Netherlands (142 dead)

    February 22 1st cabs with taxi meters begin operating in London

    February 25 George Bernard Shaw's "Philanderer," premieres in London

    February 25 U.S. proclaims protectorate over Dominican Republic

    February 26 Royal Oil and Shell merge to form British Petroleum (BP)

    February 26 U.S. Congress raised their own salaries to $7,500

    March 2 Georges Feydeaus' "La Puce l'Oreille," premieres in Paris

    March 5 1st radio broadcast of a musical composition aired

    March 9 1st involuntary sterilization law enacted, Indiana

    March 9 Lady Gregory's "Rising of the Moon," premieres in Dublin

    March 15 Finland is 1st European country to give women the right to vote

    March 19 18.8 center manager precipitation at Lewer's Ranch, Nevada (state record)

    March 21 U.S. invades Honduras

    March 31 Romanian Army puts down Moldavian farmers' revolt

    April 11 New York Giant Roger Bresnahan becomes 1st catcher to wear shin guards

    April 12 Belgium government of De Stain de Naeyer, resigns

    April 17 Ellis Island, New York - 11,745 immigrants arrive

    April 18 Augustus Thomas' "Witching Hour," premieres in New York City

    April 18 Fairmont Hotel opens

    April 19 11th Boston Marathon won by Tom Longboat of Canada in 2:24:24

    April 26 Jamestown, Virginia Tercentenary Exposition opens

    May 1 Belgium government of De Trooz forms

    May 1 Indian Mine Laws passes (concessions from Neth-Indies)

    May 2 Belgium Jules baron de Trooz forms Belgian government

    May 6 33rd Kentucky Derby: Andy Minder aboard Pink Star wins in 2:12.6

    May 7 Charles Collier wins 1st Isle of Man TT Race: (38.22 mph)

    May 8 Boston's Big Jeff Pfeffer no-hits Cin Reds, 6-0

    May 8 Tommy Burns beats Jack O'Brien in 20 for heavyweight boxing title

    May 10 Paul Dukas' opera "Ariane et Barbe Bleue," premieres in Paris

    May 11 Bank of San Francisco incorporated

    May 21 32nd Preakness: G Mountain aboard Don Enrique wins in 1:45.4

    May 22 Albert Trott takes two hat-tricks in an innings, Mddx vs. Somerset

    May 26 Chicago White Sox Ed Walsh no-hits New York Highlanders, 8-1 in 5 inning game

    May 27 Bubonic Plague breaks out in San Francisco

    May 28 Auto-Cycle Union Tourist Trophy, 1st held

    May 30 41st Belmont: G Mountain aboard Peter Pan wins

    May 31 Taxis 1st began running in New York City

    June 1 -27 degrees F (-33 degrees C), Sarmiento, Argentina (South American record)

    June 4 Automatic washer and dryer introduced
    June 5 Automatic washer and dryer are introduced

    June 11 Northants all out for 12 vs. Gloucestershire

    June 12 Yanks commit 11 errors and lose 14-6 to Tigers

    June 13 Lowest temp ever in 48 U.S. states for June, 2 degrees F in Tamarack California

    June 14 Government of Transvaal sends home 50,000 Chinese day workers

    June 14 Norway restricts woman's voting rights

    June 15 44 nations meet in 2nd Hague Peace Conference

    June 20 1st Portland Rose festival

    June 21 13th U.S. Golf Open: Alec Ross shoots a 302 at Philadelphia Cricket Club PA

    June 21 E. W. Scripps founded United Press

    June 26 Bolsheviks overthrows transport in Tiflis

    June 28 Nationals steal a record 13 bases off catcher Branch Rickey

    July 1 World's 1st air force established in the U.S. Army

    July 3 Pope decree forbids modernization of theology

    July 4 Tommy Burns KOs Bill Squires in 1 for heavyweight boxing title

    July 8 Florenz Ziegfeld staged 1st 'Follies' on New York Theater roof

    July 18 Florenz Ziegfeld's "Follies of 1907," premieres in New York City

    July 18 French troops occupy Casablanca

    July 23 7th Davis Cup: Australasia beats British Isles in Wimbledon (3-2)

    July 29 Sir Robert Baden-Powell forms Boy Scouts in England

    August 1 Bank of Italy opens 1st branch at 3433 Mission Street, SF

    August 1 Signal Corps of U.S. Army starts aircraft division

    August 2 Walter Johnson, 19, debuts with Washington and loses 3-2 to Detroit

    August 7 Walter Johnson wins 1st of his 416 wins, 7-2 over Cleveland

    August 10 Prince Scipone Borchesi wins Beijing to Paris, 7,500 mile auto rally

    August 11 St. Louis Card Ed Karger pitches perfect game vs Braves, 4-0 in 7 inn

    August 14 "Ha-Tikva" adopted as official Zionist hymn

    August 16 Abd al-Hafid proclaims himself sultan of Morocco

    August 17 Bishop forbids Christian membership in Dutch Textile Union

    August 22 Colin Buchanan, town planner

    August 22 Cyril Astley Clarke, British geneticist

    August 23 Pitts Howie Camnitz no-hits New York Giants, 1-0 in 5 inning game

    August 26 Houdini escapes from chains underwater at Aquatic Park in 57 sec

    August 28 United Parcel Service begins service, in Seattle

    August 31 Britain and Russia sign treaty with Afghanistan, Persia and Tibet

    August 31 England, Russia and France form Triple Entente

    September 7 Sutro's ornate Cliff House in San Francisco destroyed by fire

    September 8 Pius X publishes encyclical Pasceni dominici gregis (anti-modernism)

    September 12 Lusitania arrives in New York City after 5 day crossing of Atlantic (record)

    September 23 Proclamation sets fineness and weight of silver and bronze coins of Canada

    September 26 NZ declares independence from UK

    September 29 Construction begins on Washington National Cathedral

    September 30 Cards Ed Konetchy steals home twice and Joe Delahanty also steals home for record 3 steals of home (vs Boston)

    October 1 Plaza Hotel (5th Av and 59th Str, New York) opens

    October 2 Phillies Eddie Grant goes 7 for 7 in a doubleheader vs Giants

    October 5 Philadelphia A's Rube Vickers no-hits Washington Senators, 4-0 in 5 inning game

    October 7 France's Henry Farman flies 30m in a double decker plane

    October 12 Cubs beat Tigers 4 games to 0 with 1 tie in 4th World Series

    October 16 Belasco Theater opens at 111 W 44th St. New York City

    October 19 1st printing of Dutch Tribune (Wijnkoop/Van Ravesteyn/Ceton)

    October 22 Ringling Brothers Greatest Show on Earth buys Barnum and Bailey circus

    October 25 Frederik of Oaths disbands mental home colony Walden

    November 2 Ottawa Mint Proclamation is published

    November 7 Dynamite explodes on locomotive kills engineer Jesus Garcia in Mexico

    November 7 Test tokens are struck in 1st production of Canadian coins

    November 13 French cyclist Paul Cornu flies 1st helicopter (twin rotor)

    November 16 Oklahoma becomes 46th state

    November 30 Pike Place Market dedicated in Seattle

    December 2 English Professional Football Player's Association forms

    December 2 Tommy Burns KOs Gunner Moir in 10 for heavyweight boxing title

    December 6 Coal mine explosions in Monongah, WV, kills 361

    December 7 Eugene Corri becomes 1st referee in a boxing ring

    December 9 1st Christmas Seals sold (Wilmington Del post office)

    December 10 Ruyard Kipling receives Nobel prize for literature

    December 16 Eugene H Farrar is 1st to sing on radio (Brooklyn Navy Yard New York)

    December 16 Great White Fleet sails from Hampton Downs on it's World Cruise

    December 17 Ugyen Wangchuck became 1st hereditary king of Bhutan

    December 19 239 workers died in a coal mine explosion in Jacobs Creek, Penn

    December 19 Gas explosion at Jacobs Creek Pa, coal mine kills 239

    December 20 Explosion at Yolande Alabama, coal mine kills 91

    December 21 Dutch government of De Master falls due to war budget

    December 23 1st all-steel passengar railroad coach completed, Altoona, Pa

    December 30 Abraham Mills' commission declares Abner Doubleday invented baseball

    December 31 For 1st time a ball drops at Times Square to signal new year
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    "They are highly collectible and rare"

    yeah, right!

    Seriously, I do think the Centennial Anniversary is a big deal. As a Driver, I think I am fortunate to earn a good wage. My family enjoys a good lifestyle, we should all be grateful for the positive things this company has given us instead of concentrating on the negative all the time. Some things could be improved, I will grant that, but nobody in my household has ever had to do without.
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    Scratch-I agree with you about the negativity. That is one of the reasons I've not been posting on here as much in the past 6 months. And I have to admit to being part of that negativity. After I retired and got away from UPS for a while I would come here and read the threads just to stay informed about the company I worked for for almost 32 years. The longer I was away the more I realized how truly poisonous the atomosphere is there. I'm not faulting either side because both are equally responsible in my mind. The shame is that UPS could be a truly amazing company if both sides would work with each other. I work part time now and there is negativity, as there will be where ever you work, but it is now where close to the level it is at UPS.

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    Good to hear from you, wily. Don't be a stranger !!:)
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    they should just give each of us 100 dollars instead.
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    Congrats, all drivers that started in 1907 and are in Central States are now eligible for a full 100 years and out pension.
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    Hey Wily, nice to see you are still out there.
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    A person with this attitude shoulda quit along time ago.:sad:

    Too bad a great 100 year accomplishment can't be enjoyed without the negativity.

    Raise your sights and take pride that you're lucky to be apart of this epic accomplishment. :wink:

    Hi Wily, don't be a stranger.
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    "News flash:

    Almost noone cares about the 100 year anniversary."

    Sorry, I agree with that. Means nothing to me, I'm only here for the paycheck.
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    What paycheck?

    Anyway, 100 years is an accomplishment for the company and what it stands for, but it does nothing to affect me. So I get a pin (I wear it every day)--so what? I don't expect anything from UPS for this anniversary, it's just PR.
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    Houston Media: Employees Light Candles As UPS Celebrates 100th Birthday!
    Friday February 2, 11:32 am ET UPS Gives $50,000 to Local Non-Profits To Mark Occasion
    --(BUSINESS WIRE)--UPS (NYSE:UPS - News): WHAT: Houston UPS employees join 400,000 around the world in "Celebrating 100 Years of Service." Employee celebrations in more than 55 U.S. cities, including Houston, will revolve around the arrival of a mobile Centennial exhibit, built inside large tractor-trailors, to be viewed by employees and customers. Since its beginning in Seattle in 1907, UPS has become an integral part of Houston and other communities around the world.

    To mark this anniversary in Houston, UPS will award four community grants. -- $25,000 - Chancellors Family Center -- This grant supports a free after school program for low income children. The children also receive daily tutoring, physical and health education and participate in literacy activities and community projects. -- $10,000 - San Jacinto Council Girl Scouts for their Community Outreach Program -- $10,000 - Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas for their Whole School Partnership -- $5,000 - Sam Houston Area Council Boy Scouts of America for their Learning for Life ProgramWHO: 3,800 UPS employees from the Houston areaWHEN: Saturday, February 3, 2007 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.WHERE: UPS Sweetwater Facility 8330 Sweetwater Lane, Houston, TX 77037 I-45 N between Gulf Bank and CaninoCONTACT: For additional information contact Melanie Meschwitz UPS Communications, at (281) 847-6635 or email [email protected]. Find UPS's Centennial celebration press release at pressroom.ups.com.VISUALS: -- 10:15 a.m. - Texas State University marching band performs -- 10:30 a.m. - UPS presents checks to the aforementioned non-profits
    UPS is the world's largest package delivery company and a global leader in supply chain services, offering an extensive range of options for synchronizing the movement of goods, information and funds. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., UPS serves more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. UPS's stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange (UPS) and the company can be found on the Web at UPS.com.
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    I like the idea of celebrating in various cities and contributing grants ($$) to LOCAL charitable causes and programs in that city..

    It means more than a lapel pin or some junk memento. You never know the lasting effect this might have on the people it helps.