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    I finally came home from work, talked to the fam, took a shower (god, it was a grimey day today!!) and logged onto the Brown Cafe. 137 viewing at 10 p.m. California time. That's incredible. I just started last year and was impressed when more than 100 people were on at the busiest times. Atta girl, Cheryl!! Kudo's to all who log on and talk. Great format for dispensing info and finding out what's going on in elsewhere. Thanks Cheryl!
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    you have a good outlook.hope to see you on chatline somenight.
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    I agree, Helen!

    Cheryl has been gracious enough to provide us with our own private little get a way. Remember "Fantasy Island?" :laugh:

    We can explore the island without renting a car, we're in nice, safe surroundings, and we're not looking for anything touristy. We just want a nature retreat. We're not over run by development and this place only gets in the 90's maybe 2-3 days a year. Summers are AWESOME, highs in the low 80's, sometimes high 70's. Find a trail to a secluded spot and rustic cabins are on the lakeshore.

    Cheryl RULES!!!!
  4. DS

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    Hey its chat nite again...I`m in there waiting