2 Warning Letters in 2 Days

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    Warning letter 1: I get an ODS pickup for a business often where the close time is 1600. They leave the pkg in the lobby and I've always picked it up around 1645 when I do the pickup next door. In the board, I type in the later time I'll get there so it says ETA > commit time and in comments I just say pkg left in lobby. I've done it this way for 3 years now without any trouble. This last time, the secretary didn't change the time, and another driver heard my oncar say "I have to write up my driver now for this" because he knew thats how it was done for this place and he can't write her up. They tell me now I have to override it, and call the center to have the time changed so they can resend it. I don't think this one is my fault.

    Warning letter 2: Coming back to the center, I missed an air pkg i was supposed to give to the air clerk (whatever it's called). Someone had to drive it to where the PM shuttle guy would get it. This letter said final warning. Yeah, I screwed up on that one. But final warning? I left one on the car maybe 2 years ago.

    The day I missed the air, I get a message in the board to show up 15 min before start for the next day. I asked why, and they said "per center manager". This freaked me out for the rest of the day trying to think what they could get me in trouble for.

    What's your guys opinions? In 5 years, I've had one warning letter for a misload when I was on preload. 2 in a week pisses me off especially for how much I help them out.
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    Fix the problem and remember, its a two-way street ... if they want to be dicks and go right by the book, so can you.
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    The warning letter for the air is justified. The warning letter for the OCA is not. This is an option that you might think of for next time. You can stop complete the OCA before the commit time and then edit the stop when you make the actual pickup. OCA's do not fall under the +/- 15 minute window. OCA's are dispatched with unreasonable commit times all of the time. I had one a while ago with a commit time one hour after I received it. I was nowhere near the pickup but knew I would be in the afternoon and that they would still be open so I sent an ODS asking the OMS to change the commit time, which she did. Consignees don't care when we pick it up just as long as we pick it up.
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  4. the target will be on the back of somebodyelse next week. like stops per hour for us, management has warning letters per month.
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    Consignees don't care when we pick it up just as long as we pick it up.

    Be carefull with that statement. They really do care and this is what I mean.

    Its thursday and they send in an OCA or ground pickup and they say they want it by 3pm. You call the center and say I always get them around 4pm, so we call the customer (yes my OMSs do that) and ask if we can pick it up at 4 lo and behold the customer tells us no I need it by three because my office is closing early for the day and no I will not leave it outside for pickup.

    UPS has started this because in every district, we have drivers going by after the commit time and no one is there and no package to pickup, wasted time, fuel etc etc.
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    Good point although I think you would agree that this is the exception rather than the norm. As you know, more of our OCA shippers are using their computers to generate the OCA. The shipper is given the option of selecting the commit time and, of course, they select one that is convenient for them.

    The OCA's that I find frustrating are those where the receiver generates the OCA from a shipper not knowing that the shipper already has a Daily Pickup account. I will cancel these and simply scan and add those packages to my pickup count at that stop.

    I had a Smart Account shipper who had 7 packages which the receiver had prepared and e-mailed the labels to him. I picked them up, scanned them and added them to his package count. I received the OCA the next day for those packages.
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    Free extra pick-up stop:wink2: or how about the OCA's who send 5 packages and hit "Do you need a pick up?" so you get 5 OCA's for the same place. Gotta love that!
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  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have a Ford dealership on my area that has a Daily P/U. At least once a week I will get one or two OCA's generated from the Ford plant in Dearborn, MI, to pick up returns. I always cancel the OCA and simply scan and add these pieces to my pkg count.
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    You are opening yourself up for more discipline including discharge for integrity issues. When you hit the Stop Complete button, that stop gets a time stamp and a location stamp. Essentially, you are saying that you were there at that time when you weren't. I have seen two drivers discharged for this offense. One got his job back, one didn't.
  10. Dragon

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    Your right, it is the exception, but when you add up all the missed pick up revenue accross UPS its now a $$ issue. As usual we manage by exception and go over board on how to fix it.
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    I had a oca at a national company, for 39 pkgs. The girl was unaware how to do it, and every time she printed a label, she requested a pick up.
    I Immediately got a diad msg from a sup, to take credit for all. At which time I pulled out my phone and took a picture of that directive, knowing that would be dishonest to the max. Then I texted back for a clarification, which I never got.
    The lengths they will go to make their numbers look good.
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    On the the first one with the ODS message you can change the time in the board however it's still going to show up as a late pick up and it's a hit on the center. You need to send a message to the center to change the commit time.
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    I'm sure the customer loved getting 39 pick-up charges:happy-very:
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    Do not do this, this will get you in more trouble.

    UPS has run out of things to look at so ODS pickups are now the next hot topic. They are now going to be held to the +/- 15 minute from your input eta. All ODS pickups must be picked up between the ready time and the commit time, If you cannot be there prior to the commit time a message to the OMS should be sent asking that the commit time be changed. The only way it can be changed is if the customer ok's it. If you pick it up after the commit time it shows as a missed pickup to the suits in the cubicles so discipline will be issued accordingly.

    This is a change in policy/enforcement that should be explained to all before discipline should be issued, If your steward is a good one he should be able to get the warning letter reduced to a verbal since you had not been informed of the shift in policy.

    For future reference, do not take advice from UpstateNYUPSer as he lives in his own special place up his center manager's backside therefore gets special treatment due to the pleasuse he gives management.
  15. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    The company only charges a customer for one ODS pickup per day, no matter how many they create.
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    These 2 warning letters are money in your pocket. Take the time to do what they want and you will get paid for it. This is my philosophy and any warning letters. Deserved or undeserved. How do you save money on car insurance ? Get a couple of warning letters !
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    I hate that you were disciplined and can only give the standard advise. Make sure you grieve it and get your Shop Steward and BA everything they need to get it taken care of.

    The remark I quoted could be the real problem. I personally try my very best not to do any favors (skirt the rules for mgt, look the other way). I work this way for one simple reason. If and when I do screw up, I don't drive myself crazy thinking "they owe me".

    I know how this may sound to the "what's the harm and get along" crowd but in the end it sure makes working at UPS very stress free. It is liberating. Trust me.

    If you're honest with your thoughts and take a big step back to look at the UPS company picture, I think you will come to the same conclusion as others and realize there will never be a grand scale corporate effect that will be reciprocated to the general workforce.

    I'm not saying we can't make a difference. I'm simply saying UPS will take everything you can possibly give in making it #1 while treating you and the rest of us like #2.
  18. Scottyhawk

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    OCA's / ODS's are not included in the +-15 minutes. You can pick up anytime after the ready time and before the commit time not 1 minute past the commit time. Anytime I have an OCA, I always put the max commit time, I have picked up packages 90 minutes early, no issues as long as it is past the ready time
  19. grgrcr88

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    As I said, it is the next flavor of the month. You will eventually be told to make the pickups within the +/- 25 minute window.
  20. Scottyhawk

    Scottyhawk What is it? A brown box. Duh

    IMO it will not fly as there are too many variables in dealing with on calls. From lazy OMS's to traffic and weather. I think it would be almost impossible to be held to that kind of standard. I pick up at a medical building and will see a package not scheduled sitting on one of the medical boxes next door to a scheduled pickup, what do I do, leave it.
    i pick it up and put it in as unscheduled and an hour later lo and behold here comes the on call. I am already 5 miles away. So I hit other and say it has been picked up already. I am certainly not driving back 5 miles because the OMS was sitting on it