3 Reasons to Be Bullish on United Parcel Service

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    3 Reasons to Be Bullish on United Parcel Service - Motley Fool

    After United Parcel Service missed earnings estimates for two consecutive fourth quarters, investors would be entitled to feel a bit concerned about the company's direction. It's fair to say UPS' execution has not been what investors have hoped for, but that doesn't mean the stock isn't worth buying. On the contrary, there are many reasons to feel positive about the stock, and the recent dip could prove an excellent entry point.
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    I'd feel better buying at $90.
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    The company needs to take care of its customers and get back some of the lost ones back. Just like going to a restaurant. You may deal with crappy service once,but not repeatedly. Or you would go elsewhere.
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    The Bill Gates foundation recently bought 400 million worth of stock.
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    Motley Fool is always bullish on UPS. Not that they shouldn't be, but sometimes I wonder if they write to.convince readers or themselves.
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    So True....UPS has no products to sell..just a service...Just like you said...Crappy service, and higher prices, people will go elsewhere..Service is what made UPS what it is today. Start failing and the ship will be taking on water..I would be willing to pay more if service is better wherever I do business in my daily life..Board take heed