30 lbs. of marijuana seized at local UPS

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    30 lbs. of marijuana seized at local UPS - Mansfield News Journal

    Police seized 30 pounds of marijuana from two local shipping companies over a four-day period.

    Acting on a tip, METRICH and city police took a drug-sniffing dog Friday to the United Parcel Service facility on West Longview Avenue. When the dog alerted on a package, METRICH obtained a search warrant. The package contained 14 pounds of marijuana.

    The same scenario played out Monday. One package at the same UPS facility had 16 pounds of marijuana. The other, obtained from a second shipping company Sgambellone declined to identify, contained 2 ounces.
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    In our center we have a part time supervisor who spends much of his time searching for marijuana on the air belt and package cars with pickups from Authorized Shipping Outlets. This supervisor has been seen in remote/poorly lit areas of the building with open boxes and secretly handling the marijuana alone. He has also been seen taking boxes of unknown material out to his personal vehicle. Much of his time is spent in the supply cage where nobody can see what he is doing and emerging from said supply cage with locked file boxes.
    I found him in an air canister with an open package and taking a box of garbage out to his personal vehicle (?) so I reported him to UPS Security as well as my supervisor. It turns out he has been warned before about following procedures and guidelines. My questions are: why does my Center Manager allow this to happen for years and what are UPS procedures for SEARCHING for marijuana? It is the Local Sort, not the Local Search, after all.
    After years of this occurring, many employees just assume that some profitable shadow operation is in effect. I told the manager that it would be better for everybody if this supe concentrated on the Local Sort, and, if he did find contraband, to handle it in a transparent, verifiable, approved protocol.
    It should be noted that about three times per week the police do come and take away the packages and their contents. Conveniently, the police come about three hours after the discovery.
    I wonder if the police get all the marijuana and I wonder if some supes are makin' a little extra green (pun intended) on the side.
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    Thursday morning I came in and a State Police officer was taking a dog threw the package cars. Far as I know nothing turned up. I just wander if and how many times Ive delivered drugs to somebody.
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    It falls under the catagory of "I just don't want to know". Im sure we all have delivered illegal things at one point or another. That is not an area of society I want to be involved with knowingly.

    That is what LP is for, let them work with the local authorities, and I just work as directed.
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    We just had two pounds found in a next day air picked up from the UPS Store. They didnt seal it very well and the driver could smell it through the box. He had a a on car with him and let her know she had it pulled off and had our damage claims clerk open it with her then notified police. The guy called the UPS store the next day wanting a refund because his pkg didnt arrive.
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    Im suprised they didnt let it fly and alert the police where ever it was headed to bust who ever received it.
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    This is usually what they do. We had the dogs come through one morning and they alerted on a package. It was a bowling ball that had been drilled, the plug pulled, pot stuffed in to the hole, plug replaced and coffee grounds used as packing material to throw off the dogs. The driver for that area was pulled aside and was told to deliver it as usual but to make sure he got an autograph and that the cops would be waiting. He did and they did.