31 lbs of marijuana delivered in NYC!

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    Just saw story on FOX5 NY. 31 lbs of marijuana delivered to a dentist in Chinatown, NYC yesterday. Dentist said return address in TX was unfamiliar. Opened package caught the unmistakeable smell and notified authorities. FBI, NYPD, oh, and UPS are all investigating. BTW street value of delivered goods over $45,000!
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    That's like ... 90$ an ounce; pretty stepped on.

    I mean .. yay, War on Drugs.
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    A few years back I started getting deliveries to empty houses. They were all shipped from commercial counters in Texas. After about the third one, I took the box into the Center office that night and a supervisor opened it. It was full of pot, somebody was tracking it and wanting to pick it up after it would have been delivered. We turned it over to the local police department and they staked out the delivery house. They put the box out in the open in the middle of the driveway instead of on the carport like I would have done. I don't know how that attempted bust turned out, but the dealers moved on after that.
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    A good friends brother works as an investigator for the District Attorney's office, in the area my center serves. While meeting at a party he told me how he and his co-workers were very down on our LP person, at said time. Seems they had an undercover operation going on and at "bust" time, they wanted this LP person to be "the driver" but he refused. He did supply the uniform for the "undercover officer" Pertaining to this story was the time one of our co-workers came out of the locker room and told us one of "the finest" is wearing a black turtleneck under his uniform. He told him it should be brown or white. Always wondered if this was the same bust.
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    Once upon a time, a CI (that's Confidential Informant) was sitting in an undercover car with two men of the Law, awaiting several perpetrators of evilness.

    It had been about twenty minutes or so, and the car was in idle for that whole time. This car was a really old Toyota, circa 1980 ... a real fixer upper, if you catch my drift. Anyways, after these twenty minutes, the car, for no explicable reason and perhaps just because it thought it would be funny, began to smoke violently ... from under the hood, out the tailpipe, hell even the vents in the car were producing acrid smells.

    About this time, the perpetrators came home from an illegal transaction and began to look on curiously. Two large, plain clothed men ran from a smoking vehicle and made a b-line for the woods; meanwhile, a short, stocky, rather dusty and choking individual fell out of the car whom they instantly recognized. Not understanding what was really going on behind the scenes, they ran up and called 911 without thinking about where they had just been or what they had in their possession.

    True story; at least, that's what they tell me.
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    Whatchoo been baggin, brownbaggin?
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    Lately? Just a lot of ghetto booty.
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    darn , so that's where my misisng package went
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    If I "accidentally" received $45000+ of pot, I'm gonna find a way to sell it there is NO way I'm calling the authorities. I've got some shady friends that could help me get rid of it pretty quickly
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    I'd be baking brownies............lots of them!:happy2:
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    I'm hungry!!
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    Have you been to N Andover lately?

    Students Made Sick From Pot Laced Brownies at Prom
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    Someone didn't make the butter right.
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    Hmmm, what did they do wrong?
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    They used margarine.
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    DUDE! Stop looking at me dude! You're freakin' me out.
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