340 Methods Violations

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    Where can I find a list of all 340 methods violations for drivers?
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    You mean methods. Before you find the 340 methods, be warned, there can be no violation if you don't know what "they" are. After you read them in this link I'm giving you, you will be all knowing. Run and cover yourself, and don't forget your METHODS!
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    PM me your email address if you want the most current one emailed to you in PDF format.
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    And to think that this all started from the 10 commandments.:wink2:
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    This is what happens when IE gets involved.
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    Lol, spit out a bunch of food on that one!!!!
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    The less you know the less you have to worry about breaking.
  9. Why would you go to a union organization for info on UPS methods? Isn't that analoguos to going to UPS for the contract book? Why not go to the source?

    I have a copy of it though if you have any questions feel free to ask. The thing is 77 pages long!!

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    If UPS truly wants to cut costs they should cut some of these deparments. IE would be a good one start w/.
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    If everyone worked by the methods UPS would cut no routes .
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    So if we have a question we should not go to a union website and look for ourselves, but only ask you and you will answer our questions. HHHMMMMM

    This has to be one of the most silliest reply's in the Cafe's history.
  13. Relax i am not affiliated, just participating and encouraging conversation. Seriously though, going to TDU for UPS methods is like going to UPS for a copy of the Teamster bylaws. How well are your TDU UPS methods going to hold up in any argument with anyone.

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    You must be talking about where your from(refering to avatar).