4 Dead In Ohio

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, May 4, 2010.

  1. wkmac

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    40 Years Ago Today

    On the one hand it seems like yesterday and on the other it's seems a lifetime ago!
  2. rod

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    I agree ----- its both. It truly was a sad day in American history.
  3. Monkey Butt

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    we need you to chime in here since Neil Young is not on BC.
  4. Lue C Fur

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    Klien..."i hung out with Neil and we drank Likor togather and took a long walks in the snow discussing how we hate Americans."
  5. moreluck

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    Hubby went to Kent State for a few semesters. We partied in High School on 3.2 beer at The Rathskeller in Kent. It was the place to be on the weekends.

    One of my high school classmates was standing next to a person who was killed that day.
  6. Monkey Butt

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    I think klein and Neil would be loath to use "hate" but very willing to use "loathe ".