4 months on the job, with a question

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    Hi guys, I have not posted in the newbie forum yet so I figure with this post I will make my first one.

    When I started at UPS I was a good bit out of shape. I was probly the slowest person in the feeder. Then they laid me off for one day, after that I made sure it would never happen again.

    Since my start at UPS I would say I lost about 25 lbs and I am in better shape then I was five years ago. I bust ass when I get there, always walk as fast as possable. ALWAYS KEEPING SAFTY IN MIND!!Now we have fresh people starting out for peek.

    These new folks are trying to give me as hard a time possable because I do not get in feeders with them and stay on the sort. I have told them coutless time that when I started out, it was me and the other guy lowest on the totem pole in the feeders no one else. Adding to that I said if the Sup sees fit he will tell me to go into the feeder, its not my job to do their job unless I am told to.

    On a side note just to prove a point to them I was in every feeder except for Two trucks one of which was 50%. I keep telling them if they stick with it they can do that too, I never told anyone I was the fastest or the best when I started but now I can say I do it pretty damn good.

    When all is said and done I love this job. Its great I get paid to get in shape, if I go in tommorow and they have a million trucks and they tell me to get in everyone of them I would try my best todo so.

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    so where's the question?
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    you're whining and you really NEED to do the job to the best of your ability.

    Be a positive person and let your Sup know when you are out of work; or if you observe something that you can do.

    Be part of the SOLUTION......not another person pointing out the flaws (unless that is who you are).

    Forget the BS that you'll hear. Be your own MAN!

    UPS is like any other Company.....In fact BETTER!!

    Man up and don't bring your whining here to BC.

    Come back in a few weeks and tell us of your attitude adjustmet (assuming you're still there).
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    The question is about these other people I work with not wanting to do their job and expecting me to do it for them. I m sure everyone has worked with one or 2 of those people before. They act as if I owe it to them to do their work. Doesn't my meger seniority of a few months give me the choise of which job I am doing in that section?
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    I think you misunderstood my post.
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    welcome to the real world

    in theory, but not really
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    Haha Well that sounds alittle more like it to me. Never really worked in a union place before. Luckly 2 of these guys will be gone after peek. Don't know if they will come back.