40-year-old UPS worker has posted handwritten personal ads in NYC phonebooths

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    40-year-old UPS worker has posted handwritten personal ads in NYC phonebooths.

    On paper, Malik Turner sounds like a fairly eligible bachelor -- at first: He's single, gainfully employed as a "sorter/bagger" for the United Parcel Service, loves the color red, roots for the Rangers and Jets.

    The Harlem man loves movies, nightclubs, Coney Island and Atlantic City. His hobbies include playing video games and riding the subway.

    Written in clear print and with extreme specificity, Turner's ad says he's seeking a blond, long-haired, "big-chested, curvy, leggy, voluptuous (NOT FAT)" woman -- or women -- age 21 to 45, "willing to take turns paying on date (NO GOLDDIGGERS!!!!!)."

    Turner says he came up with the idea for the fliers after co-workers warned him about women who troll Internet dating sites.

    Mainly, as the ad makes clear, he wanted to avoid "hookers, she-males, transsexuals, transvestites."
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    That's what we need. A Brown Cafe dating forum...were upsers can hook up with other upsers...oh the drama!
  3. cachsux

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    C T D (enough said)
  4. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    Tall dark handsome well built feeder driver here who still fits in a size 34 pants,likes 80's music fishing ,football ,baseball & loves to spend time with that special lady. You must be sexy ,hot and speak English love trucks,clean fish,waterski(naked) , fish (naked) watch Football,baseball & womans figure skating (naked) Be willing to take my mom to Mass on Sundays also ,and also not mind that I'm married !! Any Takers ????
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    Ooooh Ohhhh, Me, Me, Me....................
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    Cach, it was a one time thing (fling?) I haven't seen him since...time for me to move on
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    Sounds a little personal. Shouldn't you guys take this private?
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    Sorter/Bagger ? LOL I am sure he won't have to worry about goldiggers But his taste? hmmm long blonde or red hair a curvy colleen,nice legs with big........where was I ? oh yea sorter bagger?
  9. fethrs

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    It's all in fun Stever, no worries..
  10. Shifting Contents

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    Stug, that picture is so wrong. I wont be able to sleep tonight. Thanks so much
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    Anyone call the phone number yet to see if is real?
    I would suggest using a phone booth, or a disposable cell phone.
  12. stevetheupsguy

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    If you dial *67 before the number, it will keep your number from being revealed to anyone you call.
  13. Covemastah

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    Stug you Manwhore !!!
  14. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    I have a feeling if you call that # Big Baboo or Rod will answer it !!
  15. rod

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    Please specify if you want me to use my sweet innocent young thing voice or my cracking the whip voice. Remember- you will be charged $3.95 per minute. (and I talk real slow)
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  16. scratch

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    I'm glad to see that Malik doesn't like "golddiggers". Since he likes "Lamborghinis and Ferraris", it must be difficult to pick up two or three hotties at a time. I wonder if he can only bring them home when his momma is out of the apartment.
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    What's a phone booth?
  18. grgrcr88

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    Correct me if I'm wrong but those are only 2 seaters. How does he expect to haul around his foursome(3 girls 1 guy)?
  19. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    You know, that thing on the movies that people are always standing in (pounding on the hang up lever because it's not working), when the car comes racing strait for them!!!
  20. rod

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    I thought it was one of those box things that you couldn't figure out how to get out of if you were drunk.