4x10 routes that start an hour late

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    Are there any other 4x10 drivers that are late starters? They are doing it to a few routes at our station. It's not fair that people who only work 4 days a week clock in a hour later when 5x8 routes are at work when they clock in and are still there when they clock out. Also those 5x8 routes get an extra work day. Is this an issue that can be GFT'd or should i contact HR?
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    Amigo, listen to me. You will not get 1 minute of overtime until you go over 10 hours in a day. Ot after 8 is gone. Later start time, there will never be any overtime pay, unless the world explodes and operational needs takes effect. At that point you won't like it. I read the rest of your post, the answer is no. I dealt with it years ago, lost minimum 1,000 a month.
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    4x10 has always been a money losing shift. Pretty much any paid days off hits your wallet especially if you start that shift after you have taken some vacation or sick days. Unless you work your day off your OT will be reduced quite a bit. Start times at our station have nothing to do with your shift, just on your package count and stop count.
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    Amazed by your response, 4x10 3 days off good. ot after 8 yer :censored2:. Start time doesn't matter unless they schedule you as early pm and expect you to split or take a long break for your 10.
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    What if a 4X10 calls out sick? Will that employee receive a 10 hour sick day?
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    Unless it has changed, you get 10 hrs sick pay. That gets complicated if you were previously on a 5x8 shift. You get 40 hrs sick pay, it doesn't matter what your shift is. If you took 8 hrs or 16 hrs on your previous shift, you might have an odd amount of sick hrs left. You can eventually run out or get a partial pay if you take enough days.
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  7. Star B

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    They'll get 40 hours of sick pay. More than likely it's 5 days at 8 hours.

    I know on holidays 4x10s get screwed because they only get 8 hours of holiday pay, at least in my parts.
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    Once upon a time in the working world, there was a place called 'Personnel'. And the sign on the door stated thus. And the people working in that department were generally friendly and benign. This is not to say that everything was sunshine and lollipops but, you get the idea.

    And one day, the signs on all these doors was seen to read: 'Human Resources'.

    And a sadistic, holier-than-thou, smirking, creeping evil began to take hold. Which takes us to the present day and attitude towards blue-collar workers.

    ask a fat woman when she is expecting,
    strike or annoy the nest of winged, stinging insects,
    set your crotch on fire,
    and no matter where you work or what company you work for, never go to HR to complain about anything.
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    Your vacation and sick days are paid on hours. Depends on your mgmt. You have 40 paid hrs sick a year, carve it up as you like as long as mgmt is ok. To answer the question, yes..unless.
  10. Nolimitz

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    Here sick days pd. @8 hrs. No options
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    We are getting rid of our 4X10 rtes. Too much trouble having a guy off then short on people due to sick calls etc. We are a small station and have sickcalls everyday! We have hired and they are trying to cut an area from 4X10's and create new rtes to cover those and make the 4X10 a 5X8. now all rtes will be covered mon-friday. very few PTimers at our station. of course this area is growing fast so these 5X8's will get 9 hours or more a day.. I'm sure bigger stations can control ot alot better with more ptimers and believe me they try and try here but recent retirements and older guys getting hurt and even some of the new young pups just not wanting to work alot makes for OT for a swing like me! the Ebb and flow of life at Fedex. nothing stays the same. and with this new 2 day one flat rate service thats being introduced to compete with Usps things could get busier..
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    Technically all 5x8 and 4x10 employees get the same amount of holiday hours paid in a year, so nobody is truly getting screwed. 6 paid holidays x 8 hours.

    Some of the 4x10 drivers can get a nice long weekend if their day off is a Monday and a holiday lands on Monday...management will give them Tues off if staffing is good. The 4x10s in my station love their situation/schedule/hours.
  13. SmithBarney

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    4x10s get screwed during the holidays because again you have to break 10hrs for OT, and it's all hands on deck which means helper routes are in place to keep your hours down.
  14. TheJackal

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    True....But, when Christmas, New Years and July 4th fall on a day the 4x10 would normally work, they lose 2 hours each of those days. Happens every Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and Labor Day also, they lose 2 hours of pay if that's a normal workday for them.
  15. vantexan

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    But 4X10's lose at least 2 hours on a holiday versus what they normally make. They used to screw 4X10's on Peak too, converting them to 5X8's to avoid double time on a 6th day. Must have got burned on that one, stopped it. It was always a selling point to get people to become 4X10's by saying you get double time on your 6th day in a week. But rarely did they actually allow it.
  16. Our 4x10s used to get the perk of the rotating day off. So once a month it was of Friday then Monday the next week for a 4 day weekend. But they took that away, something about covering sick calls was harder. Don't quite understand why that matters if a seeing covers he/she covers no matter what that person's day off is. All I know is if it is something that is a plus they like to take it away, like the extra dollar for 4 hrs or more between a split shift and 2nd 3rd shift bonus.
  17. McFeely

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    Not sure about you, but I'd be happy to not get 2 hours of pay in exchange for only working 3 days on a week with a holiday. I work plenty of hours, so a short week is welcome every now and then. I know all the 5x8 drivers in my station are jealous of the 4x10 drivers on those weeks, regardless of the hours paid.

    Our 4x10s get 6th day 2x pay all the time, not just at peak. Then again as I've mentioned, I'm at a station that's horribly understaffed and has high turnover.
  18. TheJackal

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    I never said it was a bad thing or sucked. I merely made a statement. It's all a matter of how you look at it. Some like it, some don't.
  19. floridays

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    Why the high turnover? Mgmt, better opportunities,? just curious.
  20. Oldfart

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    Maybe the 10 step pay scale will slow that down.

    Another day goes by that floridays was unable to prove me wrong about the annual raise.