5 Surprising Beneficiaries of the Obamacare Ruling

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    5 Surprising Beneficiaries of the Obamacare Ruling - Motley Fool

    Go ahead and scratch your head, because that's going to be a common reaction to all five companies mentioned here. The connection between Obamacare and our nation's largest shipping companies is simply health-care logistics!

    As reported by The Wall Street Journal earlier this week, UPS has a deal in place with medical-device company Medtronic to ship up to 4,000 insulin pumps daily to patients. Similarly, FedEx last month announced new temperature-sensitive packaging that will help spur its health-care supply chain growth internationally (in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa).

    With greater access to medical care, I can only assume that the demand for the medical devices and drugs that UPS, FedEx, and Germany's DHL ship is bound to rise. Device and drug manufacturers have a mountain of things to worry about as they work to get themselves in compliance with the regulations of the ACA before it goes into full effect in 2014, so they have increasingly been turning over the supply logistics side of their business to these shipping companies. They are a sneaky, but sizable, beneficiary of the ruling.
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    Hey now!
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    How is UPS and other carriers sneaky?
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    Because UPS and FedEx gave Obama a lot of money under the table.
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    Sneaky is the wrong word---surprise would be more appropriate.
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