61 years of service at UPS

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    WOW - Now here's something to talk about.

    UPSer celebrates 61 years of service
    Marty Peters recently was recognized for 61 years of service with UPS. Marty began his career in 1946 as a package sorter and is the longest tenured employee at UPS. Marty currently works as a shifter and clerk at the Metro Detroit District’s Woodbridge Center.
  2. scratch

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    Marty hasn't retired yet? Way to go Marty! Its great to be able to enjoy your job and keep on going if thats what you want to do.:wink:
  3. toonertoo

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    we actually read about this guy awhile ago, on a differnt thread. Not to say it surely doesnt deserve a review!!

    Gotta have respect for anyone who can work anywhere after 61 yrs. And thats gotta make him at least 79 to 80. God bless him.

    And "Hey Marty, retire already!! Go enjoy the next forty yrs of your life" !!!!!
  4. outta hours

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    He must have Central States Pension. Just think Marty a few more years and you might be able to retire. :wink:
  5. satellitedriver

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    Hey Toon,
    I love your optimism.
  6. satellitedriver

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    Maybe CS will pay almost as Social Security, if he hangs in there long enough.
  7. Cementups

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    It was in the InsideUPS press release last year. He is over 80 years old and he claims to have done almost every non-management job UPS has to offer.
  8. helenofcalifornia

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    What does he do? His body must be killing him! Did he drive?
  9. Cementups

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    at one time he drove. He is a clerk now.
  10. rod

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    I've said it before- "keep on paying those union dues Marty" It's just that much more in the pot for us that had the brains to plan ahead and retire as early as possible.
  11. badpal

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    Here is a discussion that a bunch of us got into. Guys were saying that at age 70 you can draw social security and your full pension and still be working full time. And by law is that you can.They were trying to figure what ole marty was bringing home a year.lol
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    I read about Marty Peters in both the Inside UPS magazine as well as the Teamster magazine. The Teamster article pointed out that by law (since he is older than 70 1/2) Marty had to collect his Social Security as well as his Teamster pension. So Marty is collecting a weekly paycheck from UPS and monthly check from Social Security and a monthly Teamster check. And because it's the law and because he is over 70 1/2 his Teamster retirment check is not affected by any of the current Central States rules. And UPS still contributes on his behalve into the pension fund. Keep working Marty!!!!!Keep that money coming into Central States for me!!!And keep paying into the Social Security Fund while you are at it.
  13. EAM_Master

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    I've talked to several feeder drivers who've met him. They all said that he's super intense, even at 83 or 84 years old.
  14. wakyzachy

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    At 84 im going to be in a home and watching UPS trucks go by. God bless him, keep going man. I wonder what his pension looks like 61 years, wow!
  15. brownmonster

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    I hope I have some hobbies and interests to keep me occupied besides working. I also hope at that age my biggest concern isn't "who's gonna change my dupes?"
  16. Griff

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    Honestly, I don't understand why someone would ever do this. He must really want recognition or to be remembered badly, there's no other explanation. It goes far and beyond the realm of "enjoying your job". There's a lot more to life than slaving away for UPS for a literal lifetime, but maybe I'm wrong.
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    I certainly admire this gentleman for his UPS service,but lets get real is UPS all their is in life,retire and go fishing,enjoy your senior days and not deal with UPS idiots,God Bless him:thumbup1:
  18. Harry Manback

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    Non-management eh? God bless him, 61 years in the hole and the serpent never lured him into darkness with the forbidden fruit. heheh just kiddin...:w00t:
  19. Hey it is great to make it 61 years, but think about us at the bottom needing to feed their families. Please retire when you can so us bottom coverage drivers can work. Our little ones are counting on us!!!
  20. Harry Manback

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    I think they have his picture and talked a little bit about him in the "UPS History" trailer goin around for the centennial tour.