705 Upsers preparing to walk!


Browncafe Steward
On monday oct 15th, local 705 sent ups a 72 hour notice to strike for at least the 3rd time this year. Yesterday the parties meet to resolve the issue with no resolution of this notice, Chicago area upsers can walk as early as tonight over this issue. Heres whats on the table folks, we have a grievance procedure and we all know that ups will drag it out as long as possible, is it right probably not, but we need stronger language to stop this from happening. Anyways you file the grievance you have a low level hearing, than if need be you go to panel, now if it doesnt get resolved here and your right it goes through the arbitration process. Now as many here know the arbitration process can take years. Well since we elected the slate we have now, they arbitrate alot of cases at a cost to the local in time of agents and attorneys, even with the losing party bearing the burden of the cost for the process. Now ups feels they dont have to live up to the arbitrators ruling and final decision. This has been going on for a while now, and even with the 72 hour notice they are failing to realize that we are serious here. No one wants to strike, but when you exhaust the grievance procedure at detail and they still wont cut out the crap, what should you do next? Rumor has it that national labor relations are on their way to chicago to resolve these issues, i sure hope they make it real soon. I have to go to bed to get some sleep just incase.