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  1. I recently completed my 30 days, drove 5 days a week for about 4 weeks, then after my 30 days was up I only drive 3 days a week. I am curious as a full time swing driver am I guaranteed 8 hours a day 5 days a week? Can they work a trainee ahead of me now that I have my 30 days in? I haven't received my Union book to read yet so I am in the dark!!!
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    What supplement are you under?

    For the most part, you are not guaranteed 5 days a week. You are only guaranteed 8 hours for the days you are called to work.

    And no, they cannot work a trainee while you are laid off.
  3. I believe it is the central states supplement, how would I know if the trainee worked ahead of me while I was off
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    You would have to look at the Oms sheet in the mornings or ask a fellow driver if someone did.
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    In most centers or should I say ones with real stewards and union employees, they will let you know.