804 Reformers did not endorse O'Brien @ TDU Convention

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Starting wage is a waste of time.
Just a short guy from Boston with crime family ties. He’s still a bully and allows contract language that most locals fight.
Part time feeder drivers in local 25? Yes he allows PART TIME FEEDER DRIVERS
Find a single part time feeder driver. You find one and I will pay you a year’s salary. Just one! One!!!! One is a lot less than 48!!


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I've never met the guy, but that is not my impression of him.

Looking to move up to that next position ? That applies to everyone....
Did you just get the OK to get off the Hefffa bandwagon ? Ladies and gentlemen the wheels have officially fallen off when the old guard BUGGER jumps off !



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Sean allows part time feeders !
Sean let 25 and out go!
Once again Dana if you read the language in the NE Supplement if you knew how to read, the feeder language is to let part timers TCD same as package. Do you not want part timers to get a chance to go full time in feeders? On a side note how about your 22.3 working 4 days 10 hours a day and no over time after 8??