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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by badhab1, Jun 9, 2002.

  1. badhab1

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    Finally, D.J. is back in the winner's circle.
  2. jcroche

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    OK - I've had it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've got to ask the stupid question.

    How do you guys come up with the animated "thingies"??????????

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    When you go to the blank box to post, look at the little boxes on top. There's a smiley face as the 5th box. Click on it and it takes you to a large assortment of cartoon characters. Click on the one you like and it will appear on your post. Neat huh?
  4. wkmac

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    I'm glad DJ won but not at the expense of Ricky Rudd. Ricky had the field covered until the tire let go. Tony Stewart, my pick to win the points, keeps having good finishes and is starting to get within striking distance and he's usually hot the 2nd half. BTW: Anybody watch the IRL race from Texas Saturday night? What a finish and then to top that with the USAC Sprints from IRP last night on ESPN. Open wheelers put on some good shows this past weekend!

  5. badhab1

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    Hardly bother me at all that it was Ricky. You're the racing guru Mac but we needed 88 up there to boost the ad interest with the Miss piggy and Kermit debuts IMHO. Besides the old adage rings true, "a gift horse". By the way Cheryl said that you can not use my caricature in your post without my permission.
  6. vgpa

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    He may have won the race but he's still way behind in the points.
  7. wkmac

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    Way behind in points you say! Well, that's a matter of perspective. DJ is currently 12th in points and 441 back from Sterling Marlin. This is not chump change by any stretch but when you consider you earn 180 points for a win, then the picture starts to change a little. There is no doubt DJ has had problems this year but don't overlook the positives. Out of 15 races, DJ had 7 top 10 finishes and 3 of those are top 5 and he is currently only a little over 200 points out of the top 5 so I would not be to quick to count DJ out yet. So much has even been made of Jeff Gordon not winning any races but he is currently 3rd in points and not far out of 2nd so things can change in a hurry. For the record, I still think Tony Stewart will win the points. Best pure racer out there IMO and he proved it at the Chilli Bowl in Jan.

    God I miss those days!

  8. vgpa

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    That may be true wkmac, but there still is a lot of racing left. Only time and wins will tell. As for Gordon, he is having personal problems with his soon to be ex-wife. That may be his problem, he's not focused.
  9. badhab1

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    Mac> smart ass. Yep on the fighting and fun too. It was a great group that I was blessed with. Including,with an occasional exception, some men who could keep us running come hell or high water. I will come by soon but off property. Surely there is a good watering hole nearby.
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    Wow! What a hodge-podge of posts to reply to.


    Thanks for the info on the "animated thingies".
    (had tried that with no luck - it was a "browser" problem)


    God I miss those days!

    SO DO I!

    "...For the record, I still think Tony Stewart will win the points. Best pure racer out there IMO and he proved it at the Chilli Bowl in Jan..."

    Have to disagree on your first premise (this year), but have to agree that "Smoke Johnson" is a PURE RACER!

    BTW - show that picture of the angry old man to anyone in our Hub, and they'll recognize me right away!