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    well i heard that ups dont want anyting on the contract about 9.5 thay are saying everything is fine and the driver are getting in ontime well if that is the case then i see no reason that we cant have it in the contract it would be like a free one for ups!give them something to bargin with but we all know that there is a problem with the 9.5 so lets fix it tired of getting text messages about calling in for help they always ask why aren't you gonna make it well lets see well boss i realy dont want to work hasd today!!!why else would i be able to make it?come on guys lets fix this problem!!how about double time for time over 9.5 and not just the hrs over how about for a min of 3 hrs plus the diff what your out for?
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    First learn to read, it is better than hearing.
    9.5 is addressed in the proposal.
    Second, learn to spell and write a coherent sentence.
    Thirdly, drop the bottle.