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    Can anyone help with this, i bid on a route that was a 7:45 start time, they kept working me over 9/5 stop count kept increasing over my mid/max filed to be put on the list, now management is moving my start time back an hour and giving my early work up to other drivers, is there anything i can do about this, thanks go rays:grill::grill:
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    Probably depends on your area and local supplemenat. In the central region a route can be rebid if the start time is changed by an hour or more if the bid driver wants to leave it. Other wise no, you cannot do anything about it. You asked for a reduction in hours and thats what you got!!
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    I'm confused--you asked for a reduction in hours, UPS accomodated you and now you are upset?!
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    He did not ask for a changed start time. You know as well as I do that you are "not confused", you're just being the contrarian.

    Anyway, check your local supplement to see (like greengrocer said) if the company must re-bid the route as the start time was changed by an hour.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Did I say anything about a change in start time? I said that he asked for a reduction in hours, the company obliged and now he is complaining.

    Now, they could have accomplished the same by leaving his start time along and taking work off of the back end of the area. The end result would have been the same.
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    You have a point, but most people who complain about working too many hours have a problem with when they finish not when they start.

    Plus I corrected your typo.
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    It was clear Upstate was trolling him with the "I am confused" hysterics, that's all.
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    Yeah, but I had to at least make it seem there was another reason to my post other than correcting a typing mistake.
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    It depends on the route.

    If it is a higher-milage and time on-area, then they'd have to leave area at 5:15 or 5:30 to punch out before 9.5 hours (6:15). That would mean they'd miss a few pickups? at least, and any housecalls on the back end- It would be much easier for the co. to reduce his hours by pushing him to a later start and moving the early work to someone else who wants over 9.5. UPS will of course try anything to screw the employee and in this case changed their start time, perhaps with good reason (or not?)
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    Thanks to Sleeve for "getting it"....they moved me 59 minutes...Work often is work.....but wanted to get off at a decent time to spend time with family....Bid on this route for early start time...as you all know when you bid on a route many things are taken into consideration....this route was chosen only because of the start time....manager has taken early AM and SSI accounts and moved to another full-time guy....is that legit since this was part of my bid work???
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    It's my understanding there has been a decision (I want to say an arbitration) that ruled full time package has seniority rights to air work. This scenario is one of the reasons it was fought for. Ask your BA or check with the IBT (I can't believe I typed that last part with a straight face, LOL).
    I thought it was an NMA decision out of CA; but I might be mistaken and it's L705 only. Anyone else hear of this?
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    JJJ - you asked to be relieved of 9.5 work and thats what your center manager did. Please do not forget we get to dictate what work you will get and what time you start as long as we honor the contract. I am not trying to piss you off.

    If you have a better way to reduce the 9.5 day why don't you suggest it to your manager. Think through all the angles (have the answer to the question) and then see if he will listen to you. My drivers have done this a couple of times and it worked out for everyone. Good Luck
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