A Constitution In Crisis From A 1987' Perspective

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    In 1987', wrapped in the times of the Iran-Contra affair, Bill Moyers did a 90 minute special entitled "The Secret Government, A Constitution In Crisis". Now before Pickup can have an orgasm, it's not about the Burger Builders (Triple Stack Global Domination) or Bohemian Grovers (fruit pickers, based on rumor that term might have some application :happy-very:)
    but rather public people within our own gov't who do things toward what might appear a noble cause but via shadowy methods.

    The program IMO from our perspective of looking back 22 years after having lived through those 22 years ourselves and in a sense comparing notes with Bill to obtain some ideas for our own times now. Hope you enjoy.

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    FEMA Power Grab - Oliver North and COG plans
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    Hey wkmac:

    Thought you might be curious what your new temporary home might look like in the future (nearer than you might think since I already dropped the dime on you in order to get the 1000 dollar reward) . Only need to watch the first 2 minutes and 30 seconds to get the general idea. Think the bohemian grovers and the builder burgers got nothing to do with this? Sorry about the first 10 seconds or so of the video, a little choppy.

    FEMA Death Camp
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    "Political Dissent equals Treason"

    Funny how in one way on another all political regimes tend to hold that POV.