A corporate controlled future

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    Cutting funding for education.

    Mindless media filling the heads with stupidity.

    Endorsing a get it now (debt) society focused on possession acquisition.

    They are breeding us to be stupid, complacent, and hungry. All three make us easy to control and manipulate.

    And they save slavery was outlawed. They just needed time to refine it and make it fashionable.
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    Education has been the weapon to achieve your 2nd point. Funding is a smokescreen and diversion. Go back and look at the Prussian Education model and the bring it forward in time and see whose hands are all over it. This will then verify and substantiate your final 2 points.

    The solution to the crisis in education is the rejection and abandonment of the Prussian Education model and a return to a classical liberal education model some call the Trivium and the Quadrivium. Instead of cubicle drones, kids are trained in grammar, logic and rhetoric which builds critical thinking and the basis for all other learning. Kids become autodidacts instead of Skinner Box rats.

    The reason debt is so common, in an inflationary fiat currency system, at some point debt is the only means of maintaining one's present place in the class based economic order. Debt is also the only means in which the economy is even capable of growing. Another reason they bubbled real estate which causes the growth in debt and they continue to look for the next bubble. No bubble and at some point the air goes out of the balloon and it all crashes to the ground. Like the walls at Shawshank Prison, it's just a matter of pressure and time and the hole in the wall will open our cages.