A Declaration of Independence

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    Hypocritical bile. As if the Constitution hasn't already proven itself more than sufficient. The problem is hardly a failed founding document. The problem is clearly a brain washed brain dead spoiled society that has lost it's ability to reason beyond its own selfish lusts and desires and special interests. As if greed, injustice hatred and oppression is something new under the sun?

    Change will not come to what's been a broken two party system until the millions upon millions of lazy @sses that do not vote in this county finally get off their couches and simply vote.

    It's still that simple people, as we see the Middle East burning in rage, just frikkin vote.
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    This wasn't about the Constitution. It was about the Declaration of Independence. As far as more people voting being the answer, as emma goldman once said "if voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal!!" The ONLY thing, the only force that brings REAL change IN EVERY COUNTRY not just ours is PEOPLE IN THE STREETS DEMANDING JUSTICE. Its the only thing that has ever worked. Governments don't just hand over rights or services. THEY ARE EXTRACTED FROM THE GOVERNMENTS. The Suffragettes for the right to vote, laborers for the right to organize, blacks for equality, gays for equality, etc. Marches, protests, days of action, rallies, occupations. Democracy is a bottom up form of organizing power. We haven't reached that moment yet. But looking at the news every night it seems the rest of the world is catching on to what has to be done. They are making change happen!!
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    "I'm proudly American, in large part because we've so often faced hard facts and ultimately, if belatedly, done what's right. I have faith that the American people want the unadorned truth and will think through what's at stake this time – and that they'll take to heart Benjamin Franklin's eternally wise admonition: "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    How Did American Become So Fearful and Timid That We've Given Away Essential Liberties? Some Are Even Afraid to Speak up | Alternet
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    And it's been all downhill ever since. Mule, you should read some of the writings of the anti-federalists and their arguments against the Constitution. And the fact is, the Constitution failed to limit the size of the national gov't and IMO this was hocus pocus to fool the masses into thinking something that was never true from the beginning anyway.
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    :sad-little:Sure a lot of demands from people--demanding is easy ---educating yourself, growing, developing and working instead of blaming everything and everyone but yourself --that's the hard part that people only see when they look straight in the mirror. Hear a lot about pay your fair share --not much about DO YOUR FAIR SHARE.

    As old Frank Sinatra once said ---NEW YORK -NEW YORK --if you can make it there -you can make it any where -NY -NY --eh 804 ?:happy-very:
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    This really is the true concept of freedom a lot of people miss. Freedom isn't about shared sacrifice, but about the individual's ability to pursue his or her dreams. When the individual does this society benefits as a whole, but because this process takes time people get impatient and want the good stuff now. The result is what you see today and that is a quickly dissolving society based on liberties giving way to a society lead by tyranny, and its small group of masterminds who believe they can control it all in the name of creating a utopia that will never exist.
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    Ran across some old film footing of me in my early years being introduced to a politician. :wink2:

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