A little humor...

So I get my Safe Driving Award a couple weeks ago ( only 7 years, I needed a new wallet every other year in the beginning... :lol:) and I open it up to find the typical things inside. Certificate, lapel pin, ring sizer and award booklet. The booklet is inside a cardboard folder with a few pictures on the outside, one of which shows a female driver exiting a package car in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I'm not sure if the pictures on these folders are regional or national.

Rather ironic that they'd use a picture of somebody that very clearly is NOT using 3 points of contact to exit the vehicle on a safety award, don't ya think?? :laugh::laugh::laugh:


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Sadly enough I've been to that location in Cleveland, Ohio and the way that truck is parked and she is getting out..she is heading straight for an empty grassy area and then a parking lot..so that box isn't going anywhere...

I would also dare say that package car is parked very, very illegally from my recollection of the area.