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    Hey bbsam since you are the man on here with Ground situations I have a question for you.
    Why is it that FedEx gives the contractors vacation and tells them that there employees have to take forced days off with no pay?
    Wouldn't that be the same thing as laying us off for a day to a week. I dont know about your guys but I do know that I cant afford that myself can you give me any insight. Thanks
  2. bbsam

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    I'm afraid I can't give you any insight at all. Fedex does not give contractors vacations at all. The current vacation program set up by the company costs the contractor the entire settlement for that week plus roughly $350. Secondly, I have never been asked by the company to force my drivers to take days off without pay. Without any more information, I'd be forced to conclude that you have a crappy contractor.

    Recently I had a meeting with my drivers setting up an incentive bonus program. At the end of it I asked if there were any questions. While the bonus was well received, it became apparrent that foremost on several people's minds was taking time off. But they needed paid time off. They couldn't afford to take time off without the pay. Honestly, it was clear from the first suggestion that it was a necessity. My guys are getting burne out. I've got a pretty good crew and while the incentive program itself is fairly pricey, the paid time off was not something I had seriously considered entering the meeting. But if that's what it costs to keep the people I have (and they do genuinely seem to like working with me) it's a price I'm more than willing to pay.
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    Not trying to slam you, but it's amazing to me that it's an issue that must be given some thought. I know alot of companies only give a week or two a year, but at least they do and it's paid. How can people not get burned out, and yet, especially if they are supporting families, how can they afford not to work if the vacation isn't paid?
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    Not to offend you van, but I don't care if you were slamming me or not. It was an area I had been negligent in and a situation that is being rectified. I have been insensitive to the needs of my workers but not maliciously so. Simply put some things are said and adressed in group settings better than one on one.
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    Just for your knowledge :

    Title: Delivery driver - parcels (NOC: 7414)
    Terms of Employment: Temporary, Full Time, Day
    Salary: $17.00 Hourly for 40 hours per week
    Anticipated Start Date: As soon as possible
    Location: Edmonton South, Alberta (1 vacancy)
    Skill Requirements:

    Education: Completion of high school

    Credentials (certificates, licences, memberships, courses, etc.): Driver's Licence (Class D or 3)

    Experience: 7 months to less than 1 year

    Languages: Speak English, Read English

    Travel Experience: Local

    Weight Handling: Up to 45 kg (100 lbs)

    Specific Skills: Pick-up and deliver various items and products, Plan travel schedules and routes, Use maps and other trip planning aids, Perform pre-trip inspection of vehicle, Record trip information such as vehicle mileage, fuel costs and any problems

    Additional Skills: Professionalism in customer service

    Security and Safety: Criminal record check, Driving record check (abstract)

    Own Tools/Equipment: Steel-toed safety boots, Cellular phone

    Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: Fast-paced environment, Physically demanding

    Transportation/Travel Information: Vehicle supplied by employer, Valid driver's licence

    Essential Skills: Document use, Oral communication, Working with others, Problem solving, Decision making, Job task planning and organizing

    Other Information:TEMPORARY / ON CALL Delivery Driver For Local Pickup and Delivery - MUST have minimum 1 year commercial truck driving experience, clean abstract, good cs skills. Mature applicants welcome!

    Employer: FedEx Ground
    How to Apply:

    Please apply for this job only in the manner specified by the employer. Failure to do so may result in your application not being properly considered for the position.

    By E-mail: edmoresumes@fedex.com
    Online: http://www.fedex.ca

    Business Profile: FedEx Ground is one of the fastest growing small package delivery companies in North America, serving both business and residential customers.
    Web Site: http://www.fedex.ca
    Advertised until: 2010/08/19
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    So did you apply?
  7. klein

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    Nope, for some reason they want a license with airbrakes, which I don't have yet, but probably will get soon.
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    Dang bbsam you are alright!!! Maybe I could get you to talk to my Contractor because a paid vacation sure woiuld be nice instead of being told I have to take forced days off with no pay. If I wanted some time off fine but I am not asking I am being told and this kind of ticks me off.
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    Maybe they can get people with these qualifications in Canada...probably not here in the US. The criminal record check would bag quite a few right off the bat. How many words of English do they have to speak?
  10. klein

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    I wouldn't take that job anyways.
    On Call ? That sucks.
    Can't plan anything, get up every morning and hope the phone will ring.

    And when it does, every day a different route, and bust your as finding every place. (I know, get paid by the hr, but still, it's frustrating and stressful ).
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    Or you could just move to the midwest and I'll hire you.
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    I see you need to supply your own cell phone.

    Fred, you're one cheap bastard.
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    At our Christmas party last year we had to bring our own food...all of it. Fred wouldn't even supply soda pop. Pretty soon we'll have to start supplying our own toilet paper at the stations.
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    I wonder what your station spent the FEEA money on then?? Most stations (every one that I have worked at) save it up to provide food each day during peak week......some do quarterly bbq's.
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    Not us. Our Christmas party was a potluck. Management had a catered party that we weren't supposed to know about. Classy, huh? I'll give you credit for giving a crap about your people because it sounds like you do it by the book. Perhaps our senior will learn his lesson...if he's still got a job. It's interesting that now that he's "on the ropes" so to speak, that nobody is speaking out in his defense. Employees remember when they are treated with disrespect and eventually what goes around, comes around, and bites you in the ass.
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    Every station I've ever heard of has the management team cook a premium breakfast or bring-in some decent sandwiches one day at peak. As far as the rest of peak goes, we got donuts, chips, and other crap food a couple of days. No quarterly BBQ's here.