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    [FONT=Palatino, Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]Chris Dodd's last act: 'Control the people'

    [/FONT] [FONT=Palatino, Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]Alarms raised over Democrat senator's likely final major piece of legislation

    [/FONT] [SIZE=-1]Posted: September 07, 2010
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    [/SIZE] [FONT=Palatino, Times New Roman, Georgia, Times, serif]By Brian Fitzpatrick[/FONT]
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    WASHINGTON – Alarms are being raised over what probably is retiring Sen. Christopher Dodd's last major piece of legislation – the Livable Communities Act, which has been approved by the Senate Banking Committee and now is heading to the Senate floor – for its likely U.N. inspiration and goal of controlling people.
    The plan would create a new federal bureaucracy, the Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities, armed with some $4 billion in federal grants, to pressure local communities into a more "green" development agenda.

    The law is promoted as an effort to fight traffic congestion, strip malls and ugly urban sprawl. It would "encourage" local communities to create high-density population centers linked by mass transit networks.

    Michael Shaw of Freedom Advocates, a pro-constitutional rights group, told WND, "They call it 'smart growth.' It literally means they draw a circle around the community and say nothing will be developed outside of this wall. Land inside the wall goes up in price as shortages develop. You end up with highrises, with people living on the top floors, stores on bottom floors and offices in the middle. Humans wind up living in the sky. They never touch the ground or leave the building."