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  1. Lunarblaze

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    I just got hired at ups like 2 weeks ago.
    I went on upsers and view my paycheck. I also signed up for direct deposit. I'm jsut wondering, how long does it take for direct deposit to deposit into your bank? i double check my information and everything was right.
  2. scratch

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    My direct deposit is in my account on Friday. I can go on www.UPSers.com Thursday morning and see how much my check will be. Our "Deposit Advice", the paper we get instead of the actual check, comes in Thursday morning and we pick them up Thursday night. It sounds to me that since you are a new hire, you are just getting into the system. The pay periods run a week behind, meaning that the check I got this past Friday was for the week before that.
  3. Nimnim

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    It can generally take 2-3 pay periods for direct deposit to start after you sign up for it. Otherwise everything scratch said is good, though some people seem to get their direct deposit late on Thursday, but only a few hours short of being Friday. Expect it before business opens on Friday morning.
  4. BuffaloUPSguy

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    I have been working 2 weeks - Today being Friday I was expecting a direct deposit paycheck into my checking account. I just checked and there is - nothing- there. What do I do?
  5. fethrs

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    Welcome to BC Buffalo, if you did not get a real (paper) check go to your sup and let him know. It takes a while for direct deposit to start.
    Make sure the direct deposit request was submitted by HR or your sup.
  6. BuffaloUPSguy

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    Thanks, I have not been able to get a hold of anyone. I never received an employee handbook or phone numbers for Human Resources , although I have a business card with 3 names on it in HR (voice mails). I tried the UPSers.com site and I do not see a link for 1st time users to the site to log in. I did access the original site where I filled out some pre-hiring paperwork online but there is no information there to check to see if my direct deposit was activated. I worked this morning and did not receive a pay stub either. I am scheduled to work early Monday morning. I will try and get a hold of someone before the 9 to 5ers go home. Thanks again.
  7. BuffaloUPSguy

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    UPDATE: I got a hold of someone at UPS and they told me they mailed me a check yesterday. It takes 3 weeks for a direct deposit. It was not in today's mail (go figure with the USPS) and tomorrow is Saturday and my bank closes at 1. At least I know what happened to the check anyway. Thanks to all who read and posted with a reply and will check back on this site . The facebook page has quite a few members I noticed. I have worked for UPS a grand total of 2 weeks and I absolutely love working there. It is a workout and a half and I do not even have to pay for a membership fee to work out ! Happy Holidays
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    Hello Brown Cafe,

    I was directed by my H.R. Rep. to look on the UPS website to sign up for direct deposit. I have searched all over every link / and tab to do so and have yet to find it. Will someone please help me or direct me in the right direction, "Please!" I'm so frustrated already..." Thanks!"
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    It takes at least 2 weeks for the direct deposit to start.
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    My co-workers told me 3-4 weeks . I still get old fashion pay check.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have been paperless direct for quite some time now. I don't miss the paystubs--the only one I really need is the last one of the year for taxes and I just print that off of upsers.
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    How do I add a direct deposit account? When I go to direct deposits on upsers.com, I get this message: You are not allowed to add any direct deposit entries today. Try again tomorrow.

    Why does it do that?
  14. simeon jordan

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    I need information asap to enroll in directo desposit .... asap
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The direct deposit kicked in on my third check.
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    Thank u. I'm pretty slow. I've been at UPS FOR A YEAR NOW. my checks have always been right amount hours paid I think :/, anyway need pay stubs for attn. Family court b.s. anyway thanks so much for the help. Life saver, much appreciated! Take care