Abramoff Behind Bars, Reid Under the Bus!


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Some time ago I kept mentioning a possible Sen Reid connection to the whole Abramoff affair after posting here what I had read in a Time magazine article. There was some speculation granted but in this day and age it's just proven time and again where there is smoke there really is fire when it comes to politicians. They really love goring there on Ox over time.

Seems a hardcore democrat loyalist who tried with no avail to sell herself as a non-party independent and free thinker which use to frequent these haunts constantly tried to put me down in that effort. Well the plot thickens and I FUKIN' LOVE IT! Down with all of em'! Death to the Repubocrat party that runs, uh I mean ruins this country with fascist fists!

I would agree and to my knowledge the greater sin appears with the Elephant folk concerning Abramoff but I'm not convinced that from time to time he didn't ride a few donkeys either and I'll bet in time we'll find the hidden canyon coral!