accelerator pedal plastic pin on freightliner p500

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    so this stepvan, in general, are pretty good in design/longevity

    until i saw the following:gas pedal plastic pivot pin.JPG

    crappy plastic gets brittle over time & cracks... wtf was freightliner thinking of putting a plastic piece on a part that has a load most of the time?!?

    most other make/models with a swivel-type gas pedal have a metal pin on that location...

    so off to the hardware store:

    bolt n washer n nut.jpg

    either use a locking nut or some loctite on the end...
    how to set up bolt on pedal.JPG

    come on freightliner, pinch your pennies elsewhere...

    i did have this pedal came off on me 2x now & it didn't affect the driveability of the vehicle, so i fixed them when i was done with the route. (of course the contractors who owned these vehicles re-imbursed me for the cost of the bolts/nuts/washers)

    i feel sorry for those that have it break at the other pivot point near the other end... just like on a $$$ MERCEDES $$$ one:
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