Account Manager Overtime Class Action Lawsuit

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    An account manager in California is filing a class action law suit she says she has regularly worked 60 hours a week but was only paid a straight salary.She said UPS has misclassified her and other account managers as outside salespersons or administrative employees exempt from overtime pay.

    I can't wait to add my name to the list or start my own, they misclassified me as a supervisor but I don't supervise anyone. I can't hire anyone or fire anyone and can't even give anyone instructions that they would have to follow. I want the money for all the overtime I worked plus punitive damages boy do I ever want punitive damages. They nearly gave me a nervous breakdown when they tried to put me on the PIP a few years ago. I just can't wait to tell the Judge about whole ordeal and how they compare the badge report to our WAR hours. The only thing they understand is fear and intimidation that is why we have a union they can't put a union representative on the PIP which is just the UPS version of weatherboarding.
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    You are not alone!

    Government should step in and do the Atlanta record check to reveal the true time worked. In addition, they should investigate assignments given compared to unrealistic deadlines and lack of information or mis information supplied to the employee, coercion, and harassment tactics.

    Not only were the hours clocked above what management approved in WAR, but it did not include the long nights and weekends worked from home in addition to the time put in in the office.

    I know of many others that are in the same boat. Some were not as lucky as you were. It sounds like you came out of the set-up on top.
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    U.S. sues UPS over medical leave policy
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    I hope you folks get your overtime. If you're putting in that much time, you deserve to be paid for it. As far as the medical leave goes, I wonder if Forbes Magazine will take that into account when they decide who deserves the most admired company in America award.
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    Just curious, would these account managers be willing to repay UPS for those days when they did not put in a full 8 hour day?

    These are salaried positions and this was disclosed prior to their being hired so there is no basis for this lawsuit IMO.
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    Just Curious When our CEO told us he wanted to save money by not matching our 401K's don't you think he could have found some of that money in the 5.6 Million he he took home last year. I don't know what they are teaching people over at Wharton Business school but I think they should rename Finance 101 to "How to screw over your fellow employees while becoming fabulously wealthy yourself".

    When I originally started working here I really felt that I was a salaried employee I would work long hours if I needed to and take time off when I needed it but always averaged over 40 hours for the year. Now they are telling me I have to key in overtime into WAR every week and I was told that they produce a report that compares the hours recorded when you badge in to the hours in WAR. If they are looking at the hours recorded by your badge then how is that any different than punching a time clock. I am just a hourly employee who does not get paid overtime and before you start going on about the stock they give me that money does not even come close to what they would have to pay me in overtime.
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    What's an 8 hour day at UPS? I kid I kid! no not really:happy2:
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    7 a.m. until 7 p.m. - I.E. math.
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    don't you know that UPS management have flexible work hours? "You can work whichever 20 hours of the day you choose!"
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    If I remember correctly, this individual was originally a UPS Freight Account Manager. Once they migrated to Small Pacakage and was unhappy about the hours, they filed the suit.