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  1. skatebmx05

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    I have not worked for ups long and I'm wondering what are the point of them and why do we have them
  2. Kraetos

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    I'm lost as to what your referring to...all I can think of as I am a preloader is that your talking about adding and cutting of stops on a package car route.

    If this is your question then the reason is because management is in charge of cutting bulk stops or other stops to allow drivers to deliver to other areas that they need to.

    Usually it just ends up screwing any driver that gets stops added onto them. I'm sure a driver can further clarify this, if it is indeed your question.
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    Yes that's what I was asking funny thing is one of the drivers told me he didn't know anything about it today lol
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    Amazing thread.
  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Add/cuts are intended to even out the workload among drivers in a loop.
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  7. skatebmx05

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    Thanks for a legit answer that's what I thought it was for
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    It is the PAS equivalent of a supervisor instructing a pre-loader to pull a particular area from one driver to another. When I was on the preload most add/cuts took less than 3 minutes because we knew all the street names in the area that was being pulled and where to put them. Now, the preloaders are handed a sheet of paper with Spa numbers and no addresses. It takes 2-3 times longer than the old method. Inevitably, some packages are not pulled and both drivers end up going to the same area. I would gladly trade EDD for an old-school preloader. There is simply no good substitute.
  9. scratch

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    How true. Nothing like two drivers delivering on the same street. And this is supposed to be progress???
  10. brownmonster

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    I like the add/cuts where the new work you receive gets loaded in shelf 1000 even though it should be your last work of the day. Progress.
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    Usually it gets loaded in 8000 section and it should be your first work of the day.
  12. BrownBlue

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    A sadly implemented tool, created by sad little Idiot Engineers, managed by more sad tools.
  13. rod

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    Cuts are taken from the brown nosers trucks and added to the "trouble makers" trucks:wink2: If you are a MAJOR brown noser you get to make your own cuts without asking.
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    Well, it is possible for the dispatch supervisor to give a driver too much work. Hence the need for the cut. And perhaps they add the work to a driver who is underdispached.

    Maybe word from 1,000 miles away is that we can add an extra route due to some set of circumstances. Then you might cut some work from some heavy trucks to make a new route at the last minute.

    Just a couple of possible reasons.
  15. brownmonster

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    The theory is great, hopefully someday it will match reality.
  16. brownrod

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    I was a lucky driver who benefited from a cut yesterday. I would have had damn near 300 stops if they didn't pull shelf 8. I could have done it but it would have been almost a 12 hour day. But maybe they thought I would have failed. I was covering the route yesterday. So far this peek I've done just about a different route everyday. Now I know why people don't like peek. Past peeks I've been on the gravy train with easy resi routes.