After 5 years, I have the option to get layed off or go to preload from local sort...

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm having an issue here, I've been on the local sort for just about five years now. There were a few hires under me, but they were both injured and are now gone. I'm last on the list, so I was told today I have the option of going to the preload or getting laid off for who knows how long. They gave me the whole "We are running a man up right now." I also do Saturday Air delivery, and one of the guys who drives, and is also on preload starts saying how he might move to the local sort because he was told someone wanted to move down to the preload. I confronted my sup last night, he said it was nothing and it had something to do with schedules and such. I don't know, I'm feeling like something isn't right here.

    Both of the sups there want me to stay because I'm flexible and one of the only people in the building that can keep the small sort under control. The sup who is doing the changes just came on the sort after another sup went to another job. Normally he supervises drivers, now he does both somehow.

    At 9:45 pm last night when I was punching out of the local sort he tells me I have to show up at 4 AM for the preload. I told him I had been awake since 6:30 AM and even if I went to bed right when I got home I wouldn't be able to get a full night rest, and that I had to make vehicle arrangements. It would be best to start Wednesday morning if I really had to. Well this morning he called and left a message all irritated saying I didn't show up and they had to make a driver come in and where was I.... Same guy I told I wouldn't be able to until Wednesday morning. Now I have to call in right now and straighten it all out and I just feel like I'm in a corner. They are acting like anything I do or say doesn't exist or matter.

    I just do not want to make the wrong move, do something that looks innocent on their part and get trapped on a sort I do not want to be on.

    P.S. They cut me 3 days last week and then when I came back on Thursday after being cut 3 days, four people told me to file a grievance because sups were handling packages and that I would be paid for the days they cut me, is that correct? Would it help that they were doing that when they cut me, maybe show they can't do the sort without another body? Everyone else is saying not to worry it won't last, but I feel like they are going through a lot of stuff to move me to the preload, especially if it wasn't going to be for long.

    Thanks for the help everyone, I appreciate it, glad I found these forums, been reading a ton!

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    Re: After 5 years, I have the option to get layed off or go to preload from local sor

    Just talked with the sup, he acted like he knew I wasn't coming in until this morning all along, which means he left that message earlier just to get me worked up. So in a few hours I'll be heading in to the preload, which is better than not being able to work, but after about 5 years its hard to believe it is this easy to just get bumped off your shift. After reading the forums for the last 3 hours, I see just how prevalent this kind of situation is, how many people are dealing with this crap and asking the same questions. HOW CAN UPS DO THIS TO US AFTER SUCH HIGH PROFITS IN THE BILLIONS!? I see lay offs to save a company, I see it, I do, but to do it to INCREASE profits? Not an excuse to me.
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    Re: After 5 years, I have the option to get layed off or go to preload from local sor

    Hey Jake, sorry to hear about your dilemma. Don't know if this info is late or not, but hope it helps at least a little. Do you have a copy of your contract/supplement. Per 177 :Article 72 Part Time Employees...Section 13-Part Time Start Times The Company shall fix the starting times for part time employees, which shall be posted on Thursday for the following week. After posting,the start times shall not be changed unless necessitated by the needs of the business. Claimed abuses to the aforementioned language will be brought to the attention of the District and/or Region Labor Relations Manager. I realize every local has their own supplement, but this seems like language that should be across the board fairly uniform. Have you let your/a Shop Steward know whats going on? Do so immediately if not. Part timers I realize the culture in some of the buildings between you and more senior drivers is not good. However most of us have been where you are. Most of us were befriended by senior employees at some time and would gladly return the favor. This is a matter that Jake needed to handle immediately, and not have to resort to this. Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that is walking beside you.
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    Re: After 5 years, I have the option to get layed off or go to preload from local sor

    My building works the same way for night shift and I assume the rest of the shifts. Start times get posted Friday and can not be changed for the week.
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    Re: After 5 years, I have the option to get layed off or go to preload from local sor

    DO not let them bully you; file /sign off all grievances for sups working and also file grievances for the week notice for scheduling changes.
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    Re: After 5 years, I have the option to get layed off or go to preload from local sor

    Thank you so much for the information, I worked the preload on Wednesday morning. Then Wednesday night they tried calling me in 30 minutes before the local sort "To do a few hours." I didn't call them back as I was getting ready for bed shortly after to be up for the preload. Then I went in for the preload this morning and I told them about the call and was wondering if I should be going back to the local sort. The sup talked to the center manager and then came back and said "yeah just do that, what you said." which was "Should I not work so I can go back on my local sort shift tonight?" So when he came back and said that I assumed I was back on my shift. I called in 30 min or so ago to check and my supervisor on the local sort said "I will no longer be on this shift after today, continue on the preload until told other wise (by another sup that originally took me off local sort, for the preload)." So thats another day of work I missed now because of their back and forth and lack of communication.

    Thank you for letting me know about the scheduling, I am going to be bringing it up to the shop steward when I see him after the preload this morning, if I get to work at all..... I'll keep you updated. Thanks again, I can't wait to pick the brain of a friendly driver!