Age Discrimination


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On the plus side, depending on where they're at, OP might only have to work 7 years for a small pension and retiree healthcare.


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So, at 52 I was hired to do Personal Season Driving. I really enjoyed the work and expressed that I wld love to be a full time Package Delivery Driver. They hired me to work local sort. Then after a few months they have me go to Integrad and I pass and come back and they have me do some AirDriving and Deliveries to get accustomed. I work 2nd shift, mostly do small sort, unloading trucks and loading trucks. After about 2 hours we finish loading and then I load the Air truck and deliver to my pickup guy who then takes them to the airport. I had been doing this for about 5 weeks and then someone younger with less senority who just passed driving school is sent out to train for Delivery Driver. I asked my night Union Steward why he went ahead of me to start delivering? He told me that it was because The Designated Air Driver. I know he is full of * and is such a suck up to management. I didn't respond but later contacted the head Steward of our Hub. I text him and he never writes me back. I see him the next day at work and he says, "hi" but never came over to talk to me and address the problem. So, I went above his head and contacted the Regional Union Representative. He said he wld make some calls and get back to me. I am not feeling very positive about any back up help. I am a woman and I am not a Spring Chicken, but I work hard and fast...maybe being a Delivery Driver cld be too much for me, but I don't like being lied to and pissed down my back telling me it's raining. Any advice?
seems like you did the right things.

just keep pushing .

then push some more.