Al-Qaeda group calls failed plot a 'bargain'

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    Al-Qaeda group calls failed plot a 'bargain' - Washington Post

    Al-Qaeda is threatening to launch a wave of small-scale attacks similar to the recent failed parcel-bomb plot, which the terrorist group describes as a low-budget operation that caused fear and costly countermeasures in the West.

    The new threat was published Saturday in the latest issue of the group's English-language magazine, Inspire. The online magazine, published by al-Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen, features glossy photographs of United Parcel Service delivery vehicles and asserts that the group spent just $4,200 on a plot aimed at blowing up cargo aircraft headed for the United States.

    "We will continue with similar operations and we do not mind at all in this stage if they are intercepted," one article said. "It is such a good bargain for us to spread fear amongst the enemy . . . in exchange for a few months of work and a few thousand bucks."

    The magazine refers to the parcel-bombr plot as "operation hemorrhage" and asserts that its main objective was to damage the multibillion-dollar air freight industry and trigger a costly security response.
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    Weirdly enough Al-Qaeda uses a forum running an old version of vbulletin. We use a newer version of that same software for browncafe...