Alert UPS driver helps deliver justice for dying Seattle woman

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    SEATTLE -- An alert UPS driver helped deliver justice for a dying Seattle woman.

    Prosecutors say Velva J. Stockton was living out her final years at the Hotel Andra in downtown Seattle when she hired a live-in caregiver to help. Investigators allege 52-year-old Cassie Mizer instead took advantage of her boss, using Stockton's bank accounts to buy more than $30,000 worth of goods and services, including Botox, weight loss treatment, and dog costumes.

    A seasoned delivery driver for UPS finally noticed strange patterns in packages sent under Stockton's name and alerted police, investigators say.
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    Did he get a warning letter?
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    If you read the link it was a she who just retired after 33 years with UPS.
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    Thanks, I'll have To read later. I apologize for my attempt at humor.
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    If you are living out years, are you dying? How many years, 15, 20?

    As for Mizer, throw the book at her if found guilty!
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    I like Diane's hair!
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    I never realized until I lived in Florida, how common ripping off the elderly is. It's on the news and in the papers there all the time. Very sad to see so many people preying on gullible old people who worked their whole lives to have money in their retirement years.
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    We actually had DIAD training on this type of activity awhile back if you can recall.
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    I don't recall that training.

    The problem we have where I live is elderly caretakers gaining the trust of their patient to the point where they are given powers of attorney.
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    The training consisted of large shipments to and from residences with multiple names on the packages, for instance. This was in DIAD training right around the time UPS and FedEx got busted with the whole pharmaceutical shipping thing.
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    OK, now I remember.

    All of the packages were in the consignee's name. The driver noticed that some of the purchases seemed odd for a woman of her age and declining health.
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    It made mention of out of the ordinary deliveries. We all know the QVC queens on our routes, also those that get dog food, things of that nature. Just being aware of the flow of packages and when something seems off we can sometimes "feel it".
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    I had an OJS the day the iPhone 6 came out. I am glad that the center manager was there as I had 6 of them for one foreign exchange student living in off campus housing. I was curious and asked him why he needed 6 and he said that he was keeping one and sending the rest back home.
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    ...and nothing. The kid was not the least bit nervous about it so we knew there was no fraud involved. I said "thank you" and we went on our way.
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    I don't know if it's me getting tired or I just don't care anymore , but I used to pay attention to what people would get

    Now I don't care I have walked up to houses with 3 pkgs and they all have different names , now it could be just my route