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I hate to say it and I'm not sure why but I don't find Hillary quite as offensive as other democrats. Further research on my part will be required.


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tieguy said:
I hate to say it and I'm not sure why but I don't find Hillary quite as offensive

I can actually appreciate that even though politically I differ in many ways from you and Hillary. I'd not be surprised that if you had the chance to sit down and discuss a number of specifics with Hillary, you might have a lot more in common with her than you realize. I think in many areas you guys might already be on the same page.

I was having a little fun with the Darth Vader pic as there are some who would consider her an equal with the Dark Lord of the Sith. I do think if she ran in 08' with Sen. Obama from Illinois as her running mate, that would be a very powerful lineup for the republicans to beat. I'm no so sure they could to be honest.


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Here's a news story on Hillary concerning her that also covers an issue that you've expressed concern over in the past. Hope you find it's content of help concerning your thoughts on Sen. Clinton.

Ton of guys love fat legged women but just won't admit it. Give me a choice of a full figure girl or some boney model type and I'll take the full figure girl every time! I miss the days where full figure girls like a Maryln Monroe was all the rage. Funny, when men are asked about the perfect woman they are more apt to point to Maryln as their ideal of perfection over the boney Bo Derek. I know I would in a heart attack and never give it another thought.

A little meat and some curves are :thumbup1:
Top 100 companies to work for

UPS did NOT make the list...go figure. That is according to Fortune Magazine and I did notice that UPS was one of the most admired companies as reported by some organization in Atlanta...hmmm. A little influence perhaps?


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The way the bush admin is ending its term in office, the Republicans will have an impossible task fielding a team of any type. the backlash will keep real contenders from taking the field, knowing it would be a lost cause.

Shame to, there are some really decent people out there that would do a better job.

Hil wont make it, she cant speak at a rally without coming off as the screeching nagging witch.



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Yeah, but the people who attend the rallies are already super pumped about it anyway.
It's really strange how these folk get so amped up about these things. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about taking a stand and being involved in the happenings of our country, but these folk are nuts.


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"..coming off as the screeching nagging witch."

God, ain't that the truth!
Just the sight of her makes me think, "What a bitch"! She just LOOKS bitchy! I bet she hasn't had sex in years! I mean....lookin' down at that face...could ya?


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Yes, you did say that out loud, but what worries me the most is you were reading my mind! I don't think she can win. We're in a lot of trouble if she does...:w00t: