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    what is the norm for being on alo and getting call in. had a driver on list next to get called they jumped over him call next two at 7am and at 915am 15 min after start time call him with no answer and was put down as no call no show. They say we must call every day by start time and be by phone 1hr after start time ready to come to work. nothing in contract book, but that is what they say is going on all across the big brown machine. all info welcome.
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    If they tell you to stand by the phone for one hour, I would assume your being paid to do so?
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    NOT a chance ,we all now how they work make it up as they go what ever fits the day for them. we have grived it. just wanted to no it any other going thru this crap.
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    Nice job grieving it. That must mean your steward is behind you. Hopefully all this will be fixed.
    I REALLY don't like that sit beside the phone for an hour part. By having you sit there, your management team is covering their own ineptitude. Any management team should know what's covered or not well before the start time.
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    I thought sitting by the phone was obsolete... I haven't had a land line in years...
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    Read your contract supplement carefully; it should have layoff and recall procedures listed. Here in the atlantic supplement, layoffs less than 14 days require one day unwritten notice. This means that here they are required to let you know a day in advance whether you are to report for the next day. If they dont give you notice, then you need to show up ready for work. Unless the contract specifies differently, it is NOT your responsibility to call them to see if you are to report, nor do you have to sit and wait by the phone the morning of. Which supplement do you work under?
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    Over is right. This is what I think is reasonable: call 1 hour before start time. If they need you, come in, if they don't or they don't know by then, I think you should be able to make other plans.

    Seriously, how can your center team not have their bases covered 1 hour before start time? If you can work on the side when not working at UPS this should give you even more incentive to not agree to their demand of "an hour after start time"?

    Just let your steward or BA know whats going on and they will have it iced immediately. I say this because if you are a full-time senority employee then you have rights. Those rights include that you don't have to "sit by the phone for an hour". They also include that if you show up for work you are allowed 8 hours of work.

    Don't let them push you around, because they will, and they will push and use new-hires because you don't know the rules of the contract. I can't blame management because it is smart business on their part. Its up to you to know the contract. Look for union support and life will be better for you.
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    They tried this crap with our guys as well. It is my contention that you are in no way obligated to spend one minute after the phone call waiting for management to make up their minds. After all we are compensated for our time and if they aren't paying then it's your time. I would make the case that you are not obligated to call them at all, unless your suppliment states that you will. Why wouldn't they make the call by a certain time. I probably still would make that call anyway in order to guard my rights. Ask them when they say they don't need you who the least senior driver working is that today. Then you or a buddy keep tabs on the following days report. Know your place in line and exercise your rights. You might even get a free days pay if you have the stones to file. Remember also as somebody said previously, once you are put to work you are guaranteed 8 hrs. It's your choice and only yours to forfeit this right.
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    Is it me, or does Crazygil sound a little like Kenmei?
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    Helen, are you having Kenmei withdrawals? LOL
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    when I was a cover driver I would cal in in the morning. If they would tell me that they did not need me that then that was it. If they tried and called me later I would not be around. the phone would just ring and ring.
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    Yeah, I am having Kenmei withdrawl issues.
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    How can you say that?? There's not one "LOL" in any of his posts!!!!

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