Amazon building an air you think they can make ups go down?


Ha ha...did you call me a poop head or is that your name? Im new to this really i dont think anything could take down ups...except jimmy hoffa jr..ooops..did i say that.outloud? Im kidding.i think amazon would have a lot of work to do befor they made a dent in ups


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Yup. Stock is going down and I heard layoffs are going to be big. I never thought I'd see the day someone took down UPS but it has come. I already pulled all my UPS stock.

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Do you guys think ups has anything to worry about with amazon building an air hub?

But seriously, yeah, there should be a little apprehension. This is probably what Amazon intended to do all along while pushing the silly Prime Air drone ads to wow investors. Keep them occupied while the real Prime Air rollout was in progress behind the scenes.


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Going to be cool as hell getting a package from a uav.

The old fart rage is off the chart here. "Them new fangled auto-mobiles taint better than my Bessie! No siree. Just a fad I tells ya!"


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UPS is the only thing that will bring UPS down. You don't have to talk to all that many Amazon, Post Office, or Fed Ex employees to know that those places get things wrong all the time and have workforces that hate the management.

The day Amazon finally figures out how not to pack a glass vase into a box big enough for a dishwasher to fit in might be the day they are truly ready to compete on a fleet wide level of any kind.

They won't rise above a level of UPS. Chances are much better UPS and it's out of touch upper management will drag the company further below it's current benchmarks if not completely off a cliff.


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Do you guys think ups has anything to worry about with amazon building an air hub?

Funny how 10 years ago a comment like this would have been a joke-----not so much anymore. I think its more likely that upper management will take UPS down with their asinine programs just trying to please the stockholders and their "screw the customers" attitude. I give them 10-15 years tops to run it into the ground--maybe sooner.