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    "One of the packages I had to deliver was a huge box weighing more than 30 pounds. Because of the limited parking, I ended up walking two blocks with it, resting every 100 steps or so."

    Over 30 pounds?! That's crazy!!!!!!
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    Oh, the humanity!
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    Luckily it wasn’t 130 lbs.
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    What a pansy. Give them a bulk stop to a construction site, where they’d have to hand deliver dozens of 50# boxes filled with fasteners.
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    I had a driver helper that was on a golf cart route during peak one year who would refuse to deliver anything over 50 lbs. So every night after I finished my route I would have to go to the pod and deliver all her heavy :censored2:. It was always the third floor apartment stops too.
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    Frustrating. In a way I can’t blame a helper for not wanting to break their back for minimum wage. I always liked the helpers who were doing the job as a way to get their foot in the door with UPS. They’d bust their ass so I’d put in a good word for them. I vouched for them, but management never cared to listen.

    Then there were the helpers who wouldn’t show up to the meet point on time, or at all half the days. Then at the end of peak ask me to put in a good word for them. Yeah right...