Amazon, Uber pose challenges to FedEx, UPS delivery monopoly

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    Amazon, Uber pose challenges to FedEx, UPS delivery monopoly - Marketwatch

    Legacy delivery companies like FedEx Corp. and United Parcel Service Inc. played a huge role in the decline of the U.S. Postal Service, but it’s time for them to pay the piper--technology has brought them face-to-face with their own competitive threat: Inc., Uber and other startups.

    Mobility, brought upon by the proliferation of smartphones, apps and connected devices, has created a climate of instant gratification and given way to a fast-growing market for on-demand delivery services, such as Postmates.

    “It’s a changing of the guards,” said Roger Kay, a technology analyst and founder of consulting company Endpoint Technologies Associates “If the old guards can’t provide a comparable experience and comparable price, in some sense they aren’t going to be competitive anymore.”
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    That's true, however a Company as Big as UPS is worth a lot of $$$$ that all they have to do is Buy a Startup that is cutting in2 there business. I never followed UPS as a Stock. Does any1 know if UPS is 1 of those Companies that Own so many more companies?


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    As big as UPS is, I doubt UPS has the $ to buy those 2 " STARTUPS ". Especially Amazon.;)
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    Your right about Amazon! They have been established 4 quite sometime. Amazon has already started with there DRONES. I saw a 60 minutes Interview with Jeff Bezos of AMAZON & he stated that there Average Package weighed only 5 lbs.
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    UPS has a big history of buying small companies.
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    By the time any startup got big enough to even be a blip on UPS's radar I'll be retired so who cares !
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    wouldn't that be more like a duopoly.
  8. Jones

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    UPS might be able to buy a startup like, leave their structure intact and just handle all the shipping. Assuming that Jet grows into the Amazon competitor that they aim to be it would be worth it.
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    Well your should since you wouldn't get to vote on contracts then. Your long term future is to some degree influenced by UPS'.
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    Tell us more about these drones. Like what kind of receivers are they targeting? I just can't fathom a drone landing in someone's driveway without killing the dog!
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