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  1. sporh

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    Hey, Im new to this site. Im a driver in a small center with about 40 drivers. Currently, amazon is constructing a distribution center in our town due to be finished by this fall. My center manager has been in weekly meetings about the effects this will have on our center. We are all hoping it will bring more jobs. Supposedly, this will be one of amazons bigger centers(over a million sq ft). Any idea what we should expect?
  2. over9five

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    If it's like CHEMA, even tho it's in your town all Feeder work will be given to other buildings.... even other states before you'll get it.
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  4. Harry Manback

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    We got an amazon dist. center and guess what. No new jobs and routes still get cut everyday. When it comes to Big Mama Brown, you can't expect common sense to prevail. In fact, you should always expect the opposite.
  5. Anonymous 10

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    Wise words
  6. Dragon

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    PT- supervisors will leave and go to Amazon (New Job) for full time work....
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    When they do open would you please ask them not to put the barcode directly over the crease in the box? Thank you.
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    Although I do not have a Amazon distribution center where I live, I think it is safe to assume it will bring a few minor changes to your building in terms of delivering returns back to the distribution center and maybe a pick up here or there on someone's route.

    It will probably bring some new jobs to the town which always a good thing.
  9. hondo

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    Like everyone else is saying, probably little change to the Package Center. However, there should be feeder openings. If your local practice is to allow bidding into feeders @ the affected Hub, and you're interested, sign up.
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    It's called Prime.
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    You know what you get when Amazon opens a distribution center in your state, taxes. If an internet shipper such as Newegg or Amazon have a center in that state and you live in that state you will now have to pay taxes when ordering from that shipper. The same goes for a single retail store such as an Apple store here in Ga.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have a feeling that you will see each state extend their sales tax to Internet purchases.
  13. AMTK54

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    Apple charges sales tax in all states that have sales tax. My state does not have any Apple stores or other Apple presence and Apple charges me sales tax while buying from them online or via the iTunes store.

    I have to agree with Upstate that eventually Amazon will start collecting sales tax everywhere. As, IMO, it should be. It gives them an unfair advantage over local retailers to not collect tax. If citizens don't want to pay sales tax in their state, they can take a stand and try to repeal it.
  14. rod

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    I expect that whatever happens your management team will be "totally shocked- unprepared- flabergasted- understaffed-over welmed and for the most part not prepared in the least" because this is basically what happens every peak.
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    Some IE person will try to reinvent the wheel. It will look good on paper and you all know what happens next!

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    Amazon says it wants federal sales tax on internet sales, they state it will simplify the sales tax process to make it easier for online retailers to collect sales tax .
  17. Jackburton

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    Regardless, if taxes are imposed across the board on internet sales, we'll see a drop in volume by a significant amount. I purchase items off Amazon as the same price in the store equates to a 7% savings off the top, nevermind it being cheaper sometimes.
  18. Jackburton

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    Taken from Apple's website

    Will I have to pay sales tax?

    Yes. Because it has a physical presence in all 50 states, Apple is required by law to collect applicable sales tax on all orders from the Apple Store. Sales tax is also collected on downloadable software purchases if required by law in the jurisdiction where the purchaser resides.
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    Probably will be a feeder pickup and will be hauled directly to a sorting hub that is the source of most of your inbound volume. Their impact on jobs at your center will probably be minimal.
  20. brett636

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    When amazon expanded on of their facilities here and added two more our feeder department grew by leaps and bounds. I dunno if you have much in the way of feeder operations out of your building, but if your lucky some of the work will get sent your way. As far as delivery goes though unless the people in your area are ordering more stuff from amazon I doubt you will see many, if any, new jobs there.