An RLA Q&A With Fred Smith

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    Mr. Smith, FedEx has been accused by many of being anti union. Do you have a comment?

    Smith: FedEx is not against unions in any way.

    Thanks. How about some information on the Teamsters?

    Smith: I'm glad you asked that. The Teamsters were founded by Vladimir Lenin in Russia in 1902. Over the years, they have been led by Joseph Stalin, Mao, Al Capone, Idi Amin and Pol Pot. They are a Communist, atheist band of criminals that eat their young and perform live human sacrifices at most of their functions. The IBT is currently being jointly run by Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Osama bin Laden. All of the 9-11 terrorists were Teamster members and they are actively planning a Socialist takeover of the USA in cooperation with France.

    What is the RLA Exemption?

    Smith: The RLA is my special gift for being such a great American and symbol of successful capitalism. It gives me an large and illegal advantage over my competition because I can do almost anything I want to my workers. It has allowed me to take away their pension, pay far less than the going rate for this type of work, and generally treat them like the slaves to me that they are.

    What about your political connections? Many have accused you of unethical large donations to sympathetic politicians. They, in turn, have complained about "arm twisting" by you regarding RLA legislation.

    Smith: All untrue. No further comment..

    You have been heavily criticized for threatening to kill a deal you made with Boeing to buy 777's if you don't get your way on the RLA. Any comments?

    Smith: I am so damned rich and important that I make-up my own rules as I go along. The Obama-owned media have painted me as a villain in this situation, but that's just not true. You see, a lot of the politicians I've paid-off over the years are getting way too smarty-pants with me lately, and I've got to show them who is really boss. In the current poor economy I can pressure them into "buying American" and also pit the IAM against the Teamsters to create some union in-fighting. it's a "win-win" situation for me because the general public is way too stupid to figure out what I'm really doing.

    One last question. You've made a lot of economic predictions over the last 2 years, most of which were completely incorrect. What makes you think that your current predictions and strategies are any more accurate?

    Smith: You just don't get it, do you? I am Frederick W. Smith, and the defacto God of everything good about being a rich Right-Wing tool in this country. To even ask me a question like that is outrageous. I've paid good money to keep my employees down and I want results!!! If the hundreds of millions I've spent over the last 30 years aren't enough, I'll spend even more, because it's saved me BILLIONS by having the ability to treat them like crap and take away any oportunity to thwart my will. Are you listening politicians? I'm calling in my markers and you had better come through for me on this one...OR ELSE!!

    This interview is OVER!!!
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    the more I read your post the more you sound like a union official posing as an employee. if you are an employee of fedex and don't like it there why don't you quit?
    anyone reading this post, just remember before you sign a card to join a union, have the union rep put in writing all their promises.
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    Oh boy, another FedEx cheerleader. I'm just a grunt courier, not a union official, so you know what you can do with your theory. You'd better run..Glen Beck is on Fox right now. Buzz off, and go study your Sevice Guide so you you can be even more of a dupe for your boy Smith. PT Barnum was so right...
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    you keep crying about how bad it is at fedex but you stay as a "grunt courier". Go figure. if it is that bad you need to leave. I can tell you this you couldn't cut it at UPS and now I see you cant deal with anyone who disagrees with you.
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    If you don't like reading his posts,why don't you quit reading them?
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    I've dealt with people like you ever since I joined this site, so you're not a problem. Since you obviously know little about working for FedEx, please enlighten me as to how you know I couldn't cut it at UPS? When I worked for UPS as a seasonal feeder driver they were very impressed and wanted me to work for them as a permanent hire. I didn't feel like waiting 20 years to have enough seniority to hold a feeder job. Like many, I'm just putting in my time at FedEx and trying to get some sort of retirement plan reinstated before I quit.

    Why don't you do a little research on FedEx labor relations before you make another ill-advised attack?
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    User Name Only 230 Today?? lol

    Mr Fed Ex, i enjoy reading your post, keepem comming..