An Unlikely Star of the Holiday-Shipping Season: The U.S. Postal Service

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    An Unlikely Star of the Holiday-Shipping Season: The U.S. Postal Service - Bloomberg Businessweek

    There was a lot of post-Christmas discussion about how UPS (UPS) fumbled its last-minute holiday deliveries, and FedEx (FDX) apologized for some late-arriving packages, too. What went largely unmentioned, however, was that the stellar performance of the U.S. Postal Service.

    The government-run competitor was swamped with parcels just like UPS and FedEx were, with holiday package volume 19 percent higher than the same period late year. But there were no widespread complaints about tardy deliveries by USPS.

    The postal service attributes its success to meticulous planning. The agency says it noticed “higher than expected volume” in packages in early December and made adjustments to avoid delays, delivering packages on the three Sundays before Christmas in its busiest markets.
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    They may have focused on the packages, but lost sight of the greeting cards. I have the habit of looking at the postmarks and what day they are delivered. Nothing in the ordinary (first class letter) should take more than 3 days......coast to coast!! I had lots of them that were 7 days......from close by too.
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    Probably didn't get the onslaught of next day packages at midnight either. I'll take my chances with UPS getting my package on time before USPS anytime.
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    Lowered expectations.
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    The only package I got from USPS this year took a week longer than the portion of order that was shipped UPS (but ordered at the same time). I wasn't mad about it because of lowered expectations of course.
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    I think this shows that people are use to the PO taking forever to deliver.

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    What do you expect for 46 cents? At that rate I would be happy for it just reach its destination. And people wonder why they are losing $billions every year?
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    USPS makes money on letter delivery. It uses that to subsidize its package delivery where they charge below their cost.

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