And You Thought Bush and Friends Were The Only One's Out To Limit Ideas

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jul 13, 2007.

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    When will these people learn that they are "wired" and can be heard!!

    If Edwards & Clinton don't understand microphones, how can they possibly comprehend the nation's budget, healthcare, war, etc.

    IDIOTS !!
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    I don't consider John Edwards to be a "serious" candidate.:laugh:
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    And you thought the repubs were meanspirited!

    This is nothing new WKMAC,...and yes the Reps are meanspirited...Remember this post?

    Ron Paul Excluded in Iowa "GOP" Fair and Balanced?

    Ron Paul, will not participate. Why? Because he wasn’t invited.

    Fox news I'm sure was rabid and foaming at the mouth to expose this soundbite to the masses.Hannity,O'reily and Co.probably can't contain themselves right now with their druel cups poised next to them for tonights broadcast.
    Remember the soundbite between Bush and Blair was captured,Bush the bad-:censored2: and Blair the sub-servent agreeing.How bout Chanet cussing up a storm.I just believe whats said under the microphone,should stay under the microphone(like Vegas)unless it's criminal activity of course.

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    I should have said "repubs aren't the only one's meanspirited" as that was the actual intent of my comment. It's wasn't to imply the repubs weren't and that the dems actually were as the example above does seem to imply. My Bad!

    I think when the power and fame that is US politics today are at stake, it's the general nature of things at some point go to the meanspirited side. I mean, just look at some of our debates here that desolve from time to time into personal attacks whether it be about the nature of politics in this forum or over on some of the main boards when we discuss the specifics of work at UPS or what about the arguments of APWA verses IBT. It's just our nature as humans I guess to at some point go down that path when the chips at stake are high. I guess the good news in this case that of all the pictures painted of Hillary by the various pundits, she's really "HUMAN" after all!

    As for Fox laying in wait to spring the trap. Sure! Why Not? Love it or hate, they've created a market and when the news works for them, that's the nature of the beast. What I find interesting is that no one walked up on stage and forced Clinton and Edwards to have this conversation and in their defense, was it really so wrong? How many times do we hear the greater public itself express comments that these lesser candidates like Paul or Kucinich should be excluded because they either lack the numbers in the polls or (I always love this one) they only appeal to the more extreme of the parties. It's the 3rd party mentality used on their own maverick thinkers. Hillary and Edwards want Kucinich gone because he's the only one with clean hands concering Iraq!

    It's ironic that as extreme as these 2 (Paul & Kucinich)might be painted, in reality they also have a lot in common. Oh they have their differences mind you but I'd actually like to hear a debate between these 2 alone. Instead of 30 sec. sound bites designed only to evoke emotions on an issue that when you analyze it means nothing and has no substance, you might hear real ideas based on thought out processes that require some element of explaination. Mass America would either turn the channel or fall asleep on the couch as we've lost our ability to want ot think and analyze an issue. It's just easier to let someone else do that, formulate a 30 sec. sound bite that appeals to us on a purely emotional level and go with that. Talk radio to the rescue!

    I often see attacks against Fox News with the old tired and true mentioning of Hannity and O' Reily and being I work afternoons & evening I don't watch or understand all the fuss anyway. But let me say this about the incorporation of opinion or debate based programming. So many people scream and holler about this and point the boney finger of contempt at Fox News and it's been a lot of democrat officials in Washington who have led this bandwagon. Well sorry folks but Fox News didn't create this format but in reality it was gov't subsidized Public TV that did this with such long established programming as The McLaughlin Group which began in 1982', well before Fox News. It's point-counterpoint argumentive style along with other PBS programming like Washington Weekly set the standard for what would become Crossfire on CNN and now today's versions on Fox. Now that the genie is out of the bottle and a model available to the public that a certain sector of power doesn't like, now it's all bad. You know what the real problem is. We stop reading newspapers and we forgot what "An Opinion Column" is. We've allowed opinion news to be accepted as fact and sure, there are facts involved but then those facts formulate opinion and it's the opinion (that 30 sec. soundbite again) that becomes the facts and there you have it.

    Here's an example.

    Diesel said: