Andy M and the Wild Wild West!

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    Audience do not allow yourselves’ to be fooled by Andy M and his agenda. Andy claims that he almost resigned as Chair of the Western Conference—but he didn’t. Gee I wonder why? Well who would have paid him $42,973 for giving up two of the biggest concessions in the last contract, 22.3s and the 9.5s. Mr. Marshall claims that he’s like us, but he’s not us. He collects three salaries and three pensions. Its suppose to be about the members, to Andy M it’s about Andy M. Do not allow this "used car salesman" to sell you a Cadillac when its a Pinto!
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    Multiple salaries are all over the country with the Teamsters. Its how you influence a nation of locals. Everyone sits on each others boards. They only have to make 2 meetings a year to be in compliance and then they get paid.

    This is why, after this contract, especially in the west, that "WE" the members, toss out administrations like The H local 396. They DID NOT represent us nor did they stick up for the members. They are so tightly woven into the political arena, that they cannot separate themselves from it. "WE" the members are still their employers, and "WE" determine whether they are doing the job we elected them to do.

    These multiple salaries will be protected if members allow them to stay in office in the next election cycle.

    This always happens when Officers stay in office too long. They get comfortable and corrupted at the same time. Once they taste the fruits of multiple salaries, they will do the bidding of the international everyday despite the members objections to those actions.

    "WE" in the west, must hold our local officers accountable for this horrible contract ( from our perspective in the west ) or we can no longer complain about it. If "WE" have to pay for it, then "THEY" have to pay for it.


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    I agree with the OP. It is simply evil to collect 3 pensions.
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    Me too. I always come in early to help Preload & I do Saturday Air but I never clock in.
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