Annual Benefits Enrollment: Important Section

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    At the top of the page headed by "Enhancements Coming to the Group Legal Services Plan" blah, blah. Scroll down to the bottom where it says" The collective bargaining agreement efective February 28, 2011, between Federal Express Corporation and the AirLine Pilots Association, International, specifically includes coverage under the Pilot Plans. The benefits described in this newsletter do not apply to the Pilot Plans".

    Translation: We have a CRAP Benefits Plan so the Pilots and Top Executives at FedEx can have a much superior Benefits Plan. Hey MT3, why don't you tell us what benefits the pilots have, or better yet, what benefits YOU have (in addition to your commuter jet).
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    You could always become a pilot or an executive. Nice "educated guess" about the commuter jet, BTW. It's nice to know that being wrong isn't enough for you to back down from dumb beliefs.
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    You got that right! And continue to watch the coverages go down, deducts go up, and premiums go up!

    Handy has a plan in his benefit pkg for a hands coach to control his seizure like hand mannerisms.
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    I think he does the hand thing so he won't play with himself on-camera.
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    People's actions are a reflection on the way they feel about you. Never forget it!