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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by sendagain, Apr 12, 2007.

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    Can anyone explain to me why the company sends me three of these annual reports? Why don't they just bundle these share ballots and send the ballots to the shareholder along with one of the heavy reports? Aren't our computers capable of recognizing my name and address are identical to the other mailings? What a waste of money to mail me three of these, not to mention giving this money to our competitors at the post office.
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    Sendagain-can't answer your question. Hope someone can offer to me a cheaper way to buy or sell UPS stock. Currently I am with wachovia. Seems like everytime I place an order to buy or sell they end up charge me a fixed rate plus a rate equal to about 10% of the buy or sell. Hell I having to make about 11% just to break even. Anyone have their IRA with someone that might be charging smaller fees? Or how do I get out from under wachovia and start at least breaking even?
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    SEC regulations - so if you have UPS stock in 401K you get a report, own A or B shares - you get a report. I feel the same way, save the money, but every account you have concerning UPS stock, you get a report.
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    I use Mellon who holds my shares, flat fee of $10 regardless of how many I sell. You can do it very easily online - 2 days - money is wired to your bank account.
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    My understanding of owning UPS stock is that stock purchased through DESPP (discounted employee stock purchase program) is handled through Mellon. If you have money deducted from your check each week (or however ofthen you get paid in management), you get as many shares as you can at the end of the quarter at a 10% discount. Unfortunately I don't remember how the discounted rate is determined- its not the price the stock closed at the last day of the quarter. You can also purchase additional shares during the quarter although with no discount. As far as I know, shares purchased through Mellon are the only way to own A shares.

    As far as I know, the only time Mellon charges a fee is when you sell, $10 for as many as you want, as Channahon said. If you are still an active employee, this is definitely the way to go.

    ups79- if you are retired and an IRA is your only option, I can't be much help. You could try to set up an IRA at a discount brokerage like E*trade or TD Ameritrade and do a rollover. Your shares would most likely convert to B shares if they are A shares now however, although I am not 100% sure about that.
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    stock price based on the lowest closing price at the beginning or the end of the quarter
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    recently rec'd my report and proxy..apparently an option is now available to receive both via the internet
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    I'm voting for Jim Casey to be on the board of directors.
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    Rush....yep, just prop him up over there in the first chair.
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    A la "Weekend at Bernies"!